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This is how anonymous reader L views the alliance between Kinshasa and Kabila. You may not agree with him but he got some points right. His prediction of an implosion in Kinshasa is spot on. This is the time for CNDP (the real one, the one of Nkunda) to gather itself amidst the cacophony. Keep their troups' moral going... Time and things go fast. We know as L says that the hasty process going on in the Kivu is not the solution at all, let alone thinking it is a way to peace. Even dialogue with Kabila may be out of place because, as much as he thinks that he's going everyone in ejectable seat, his is not so steady as he thinks. The humanitarian vultures who have never touched Ignace Murwanashyaka (his FDLR provide Coltan and others things to German industries), they cannot touch Kabila's Ntaganda. But again, the alliance made on the people's back and blood will implode if not explode. CNDP guys work harder at keeping your ideal in focus and the moral for it.
Anonymous said...
06.02.2009 17:43Comment on CNDP statement
As CNDP from time to time releases statements they are of course of central interest.The latest statement on how to proceed with situation after Nkunda has been imprisoned in Rwanda gives some concern.Of course Nkunda is no god and is not the movement. Those talking in the name of CNDP so far have given some ideas how to proceed.But to say now is the time to talk with Joseph Kabila is the same situation like in Zimbabwe. Talks go on and stop. Mugabe sits on his throne and does want to quit. He says Zimbabwe is mine. So does Joseph Kabila about Congo and fills up his pockets. People suffer desperately. This does not interest Joseph Kabila at all, it is the brand of all autocrats all over Africa and the whole globe. Attempts to change the minds of these figures is wast of time. Attempts to solve this problem by military as is commonly used will fail as well.In an Aljazeera interview Nkunda said there is no economy in Congo, there is nothing. He is completely right. But this is not enough.There is a parasite economy and there is no exchange of values for goods. Theft and looting can be no good and the people is at the end of this economy. But the master of this economy sits in Europe. So far an asymmetric war has been waged in Africa. Weapons for goods and that was all. Europe was a safe heaven for all these thieves be them African or European. The latest hit is foreign minister Couchner from France filling his pockets with some advice he did on African matters.Let us take Coltan. It is laborated by H.C. Starck from BAYER in Germany and they earn a hell of a lot of money with this material for handy production. As long as there is such unequal trade, there will never be peace, neither with Joseph Kabila and his gang who all want to suck from baksheesh and if it does not work there will be a row like with Bemba. And as long as Congo is only producing raw material, there will be no peace. So attempts must be made to be able to elaborate eg. coltan and sell it to a good price with a good revenue.Of course it will be difficult to get processing plants. But all those people having attended university or some technical training should not linger around in Europe but be patriot an return home and spit in their hands, pull up sleeves and get to work. Or those people really want to help Africans instead of filling up their pockets should provide their knowledge.We have witnessed how Chinese came to Africa pretending to help. But at close look nothing but sabotage happened so as to have easy prey to get hold of some stuff. Joseph Kabila is in the middle of such action and runs around like a chicken without head, blames anybody for this failure. The same happens in Zimbabwe, in Sudan and so on. In the meantime most of these friends have abandoned their action and left projects. In Botswana from one day to another clothing factory was abandoned to astonishment to people there. Even in China this happens for nearly 1 Million factories.The problem is not Africa but Europe or US. The centers of capitalism suffer great decay and they are licking their wounds. So what is to expect from them? Nothing! If Zimbabwe has no chemicals to clean water, cholera domains. If agriculture has no fertilizers or pesticides to grow crops, has no tractors, hunger domains. But in both cases there are solutions that do not taste to some people because they might provoke self reliance. Money makes the world go round was said in this blog some time ago. If it did, why is there economic global freeze?This crisis will be worse than that of 1929. Those countries at the shade of capitalism will suffer worse than those in the centers of capitalism, which does not mean, that in bright Europe there is no hunger. There is illusion that Europe is full of honey. But in Lampedusa or Rhodos this dreams pop up like soap bubble.Think global act local is a method to face problems nowadays. Kivu cannot be separated from BAYER, Joseph Kabila not from his Swiss bank accounts, Kagame not from Sarkozy and his late visit in Davos or Germany. Joseph Kabila did not attend, because he fears arrest. So Kagame did the job, it was worth while. Frozen bank accounts are not valuable any more. Switzerland wanted to get rid of of Mobutu's money, because the heat of EU caught them. Joseph Kabila did not accept the hot money so as not burn his fingers some more. When he came to Switzerland with diplomatic luggage full of gold dust Swiss custom saluted him and let him go through. But as we have seen with Rose Kabuje, safe heaven has gone. But Sarkozy's white wash will give problems as his mate Couchner has shown. FDLR problem will not be solved by Rwanda troops in Kivu but in Bonn/Germany when Mrs. Merkel arrests FDLR leader Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka. She promises that his bank accounts are frozen. Who believes is an idiot. So when FDLR leader Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka sits in The Hague we will see what happens. But mind, the white wash of Mrs. Merkel like that of Sarkozy, her friend, problems will arise ever more. The cry of President of Germany for troops in Goma against Nkunda now seems to be useless.Why? In German constitution article 26 it is forbidden to wage an aggression war. The loss of this fact was a fashion to be broken by all sort of countries in all sort of countries like Congo.ARD studio Nairobi spread lies on CNDP troops against Goma so as to heat up German public for war hysteria. But as we have seen with US in Irak, this fashion has also popped up as a soap bubble. And our dear late Mr. President admitted, mission not accomplished and had to face shoes. That is the way how war intrigues go. To balkanize war in Kivu like with this Mladic Bosco and sudden change of minds and guessing who is to blame for treason is not worth considering. Warlording works only with Swiss bank accounts. Focusing on this means to get hold of this money and deliver it to those in need as long as it is not burned by crisis. But perhaps time is faster as we think. So implosion of Kinshasa rule is nearer as we think and even as in GDR without one bullet shot regime disappeared for ever. Paranoia of Joseph Kabila should not be taken away by talks. It would mean not to understand circumstances. The alliance with Kagame should be seen as what it is, an alliance of the bankrupt.L.
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Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is an excessive amount of pessimism about the economy and the job loss. Without a doubt the economy is in a very tenuous position but isn't now the time to believe in our inherent ability to overcome, survive, and thrive?

Instead of wasting too much time figuring out where blame lies (analysis of past mistakes is necessary to a degree) lets spend time developing solutions for ourselves and perhaps more help the people around us.

Now is a time to tighten our belts and push forward believing in our inherent ability to succeed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the term in the text, but Alliance is not relevant after me. The right one is axis and not alliance.
Allied, Alliance is for those who defeated the renegade Napoleon (a true slave defender) and those who destroyed Nazi and Fascists in WW2.

Today again, we are facing those men of south Germany, true Nazi that are working for the same evil axis.
The next link can explain a bit more what this is going on and with who we are dealing:

Besides, I dropped on this interesting documents on Nkunda speeches:

Now, it seems Nkunda will return to his country. But how and where?

Wait and see ...