Friday, 13 February 2009


Ils refusent de reconnaître qu'un de leurs puissants lieutenants se soit rendu. Alors qu'est-ce qui s'est passé. Selon leur porte-parole, il a été enlevé par le général Numbi qui l'avait invité à des pourlarlers. Le chef de la police rdcongolaise est dans une course contre la montre full swing.


Anonymous said...

Is it the beginning of the FDLR end or just a sample of the coming program and methods?
So, who is the next, "ripe" enough, to fall?

Never mind if the guy surrendered or not. The effect is more or less the same. With that capture, it's already good news for Rwanda and Congo people. I understand that it is bad for France and the evil axis.

But, it's still a long way to the full end of that nightmare. More is forward.
Besides, that's only on the military ground because the rehabilitation of what has been damaged by those evil forces will take a lot of time and resources.

Rwanda, Burundi and Congo should unify their bills to present them to France and EU Associates for their commitments in the destruction of those three countries with Interhamwe and other alike evil forces.
At least, CEPGL can serve to something worth.


Anonymous said...

Earlier in this blog it was stated that the union of RDC and Rwanda is the coalition of the bankrupt.
There has come an additional attribute into this game.
But beforehand one must have a close look onto Rwanda military propaganda. They boast that expedition into Kivu is successful. So successful that FDLR Hutus start killing again. What a pity to all that propaganda spread by German media that now peace has come to Kuvu and everything is fine there. So fine that Kagame received a Brit military delegation in Kigali. Mrs. Windsor badly in need of cash hopes that Kagame might buy some Brit weapons from cash he has not got but perhaps now from coltan robbery in Kivu?
So things appear very brittle there.
And as FDLR still going strong despite RDC-Rwanda deal to pretend to extinct genocide club, this club has been joined by a strong ally.
Moths comme to light, flies to shit. Genocides have same tendency.
The whole world is wondering why Mrs. Angela is hosting the FDLR leader Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka - now living in Bonn/Germany? Even Kagame some time ago. It is a shame in a country once responsible for biggest genocide in history with 50 million dead to stick to such figures like the FDLR leader Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka - now living in Bonn/Germany. But the way do deal with war criminals in Germany has a long post WW 2 tradition. It went so far that this recent Nazi chancelllor Kiesinger had to be slapped by French Beate Klarsfeld so as to resign. Perhaps a pair of shoes will do now?

Anonymous said...

Good gone L.
Indeed, we don't know what kind of support Britts are coming with to serving their Rwandans "dear friends".

So, do you think it's a tricky game like let's say, you have on one hand, FDLR combined with a Congolese wing against Rwanda that are under the "friendly" though evil axis of French & German support, and on the other hand, a "gentle" support mostly to Rwanda and to the official DRC coming from a club made by Great Britain with added value from RSA or any other good "fellow"?

In other words, you mean this is a strong "win-win", sorry, a "win-win/loose-loose" joined adventure in Central East Africa.

If this isn't a kind of EU stock exchange in Africa on weapons and Raw materials, well, I need recycling my brain stock ...

Now, we may understand why MONUC and other so said humanitarian NGO's are staying in the region in standby, waiting for the true "game kick off".

This may explain a bit the Ntaganda adventure. Being an "international criminal" good enough to seat in the ICC with Rubanga, he is tolerated by RDC authorities and by hypocrite NGO's, just to let him play his false CNDP role.

This also can explain why EU governments are so quite and Belgium reshuffled with huge smiles its diplomatic relations with DRC but no special mood against those irregularities.

I's a pity Mama Breackman and other African specialists are avoiding to give us more information and comments on those events!!

Let's hope that possible disaster won't happen and that things will finish quickly with a happy end: Hutu rebels back in Rwanda or pacifically installed in Kivu like other fellow and brother citizens.


Anonymous said...

No, Bagambiki, MONUC stays there for other reasons in standby.
It was documented how MONUC makes deals with malicious CNPD soldiers from Bosco faction on gold. Earlier MONUC denied that Indian MONUC mercenairies made traficking on Congo gold. Most pleasant is that MONUC confiscated this documents. So what is to hide? Since 40 years UN in Congo lives on corruption. We learn that UN is imune.
Yes, imune to justice and dignity.