Friday, 27 February 2009


It is always difficult to guess what is the next move to be done to save Joseph Kabila. Now it's the World Bank after Belgium, pouring more money into that infinite pit hole dug by the leadership in DRC since 1960. But how come western donnors are again at it? Weren't they in sour grappes mood due to the Chinese contracts signed by Kabila?

And then we still don't know whether the house speaker in the national assembly is going to resign or not. Two of the members of his bureau have already resigned sparking a lot of debate on why and how, etc... The problem that remains is that what we call democratic institutions in the DRC are actually institutions of a single political party. The tug of war that Kinshasa is trying to hide, will come out sooner than later. In the meantime, we are witnessing all the deviations that can be done to a constitution designed for one man and his aides!

What all african presidents enjoy! Since there is no justice where la françafrique is concerned, we hope history will catch up with these guys!

China would be exempted over Human rights responsibility in the name of economic recovery, which no one knows what it will turn out to be? Check out people's comments!

Always trailing behind events:

The bbc displays its "vulturelike" interpretation of the complex situation in DRC. Distributing yellow and red cards to the bad and worse etc... Please read this one carefully!

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