Sunday, 1 February 2009


I have sometimes taken issues with the reporter, but this time round she shows somethings the way they truly are. I love it when she talks about CNDP fighters wearing the FARDC uniform but saying they remain loyal to their leader. These are times of pure and simple resistance, each one does resist within his/her own circumstances! And it is hilarious the way she reports a government official asking villagers in Rumangabo to clap for the president who wants to end the war! Read on.


Anonymous said...

I didn't get so much from what she wrote.
She only managed to recycle some boring - because known already, abridged and fuzzy - news.
For instance, with the FDLR story, the journalist fails to tell us how they arrived in Congo driven by French and Belgian forces.

What one should retain from that article is that Kivu with Congo extrapolation, has no true ruling government as other countries do. FDLR Hutu and LRA rebels came easily in Congo and destroyed all what is in reach. Besides, NGO's and other Humanitarian org's may enter and settle without prior notice or clear objectives.

Eastern Congo became like the US Western outlaws! Paluku is the Sheriff of the Goma city etc.

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listen:godefroid kamana s'exprime

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Thanks a million to the three anonymous readers, posting your comments right now!