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He is commenting on "Autres Versions du Potopoto"

01.02.2009 05:40 The tragedy was, Patrice Lumumba was betrayed by N.S. Chrushtshov because the latter made a deal with John F. Kennedy on Congo.This costs streams of blood of Congolese but not only there.The tragedy continues. Joseph Kabila gets a 7 billion US $ loan from China. He was educated there.China betrays Joseph Kabila and his father because it makes a deal with Germany on how to cut Congo into pieces.Opposing this by Nkunda was logic.But with Bosco he had a rotten egg in his pocket.Another rotten egg is FDLR leader Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka in the pocket of Mrs. Merkel. The FDLR was the reason to deploy Rwanda troops into RDC. So many rotten eggs start smelling.Instead of mobilizing Kagames troops into Kivu, which costs a lot of money he does not have, it would be far easier to send FDLR leader Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka to The Hague. But these alibi actions are not very fruitful. The puppets have masters, the show with attempts to go on gets boring. So what now?Mrs. Merkel is breeding the rotten egg of FDLR leader Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka. Her innocent eyes and her holy speeches which she learnt from her father a priest still impress many people specially at Davos 2009 where her glamour about a world economy council at UN made cheer the spectators and make her smile about this bluff. But her real face she showed at G8 meeting in Heiligendamm/Germany, when she started war exercise with her police and military, erected concentration camps to put angry people inside. She is far better than Maggy Thatcher.But parasite economy like Germany acted in Congo, coltan theft at Masisi must remembered, cannot not be managed in a world economy council at UN. Nkunda said in an interview, there is no economy, there is nothing.So there cannot be dealt with nothing at UN. Germany as worldchampion of export has stopped to exist.Others like China have stopped to achieve.So things must be dealt in a different manner. In Guinea the chaps there had a good idea. Of course the outcry of the vultures was huge. Just watch what happend on Iceland. The fishermen witout job suddenly start working, process fish from Iceland. The reason Chinese pirate trawlers have gone bankrupt like so many other so far 1 million firms in China. Iceland buying cheap fish from Chinese has stopped buying, because there is none. The present economic crisis is the crisis of parasite economy, it has imploded. Men must live and eat, must make trade. But sucking out Congo for a dime does not work. When now Joseph Kabila owns coltan, what happens to his Swiss bank accounts? Instead of sending trash from Switzerland declared as help, it would be better to confiscate the millions Mobutu and Joseph Kabila have deposited there. Mrs. Merkel says FDLR leader's Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka bank accounts are frozen. The one who believes this is a fool. You can buy everything in Europe. You come and buy your citizienship and you are an honest fellow. If you can't you are a criminal. Those poor Congolese sent back by Mrs. Merkel to Congo ended in the torture barracks of Joseph Kabila. Of course he makes no abuse of human rights. This starts only when the puppet on the string does not behave as wanted. It would be useful to remember all this and act.L.
01 February 2009 06:42


Anonymous said...

01.02.2009 20:34
It is useful to add a comment to this. Mrs. Merkel told the world recently it would be useful to throw an atom bomb on Iran. Not enough she has a state secretary called Christian Schmidt who attends annual meetings of proved war criminals by Italian justice of WW 2 in Mittenwald/Bavaria to deliver speeches there. There is great anger of protesters to this. So it would be better to call her Lady Hitler for example.
It is important to show this, because there have been deadly illusions of Congolese in German authorities. When German troops came to Kinshasa to help Joseph Kabila to climb on throne there were fierce battles between Kabila supporters and Bemba supporters. But when Bemba was still holding Somikivu mine, German state supported it's militia. In German constitution article 26 it is forbidden to wage an aggression war or disturb peaceful life of people. This in the context of Nazi war crimes. So Lady Hitler is a case for ICC.
The last interview with Nkunda of ARD studio Nairobi was the attempt to make a fool of him. Protest there was simply ignored.
If a deal of Mrs. Merkel with Kagame was done, it does not matter. The fact is, Rwandan troops have invaded Congo and according to international law this is an aggression. If those folks cry for international community, they must consider they are subject to international law. They cannot choose what they like.

Antoinette said...

Interesting that Monuc is saying that the operations have already made an impact on the voluntary return of FDLR to Rwanda. In reality kabila want to put into brassage the CNDP soldiers and he needs the rwandan operations to cover up. But he forgets that he will not be reforming his army of bandits!