Sunday, 30 November 2008


Says Olosegun Obasanjo after this week end's meeting with Laurent Nkunda. The latter clarifies: "We asked for a response as to where, when, and with whom we are going to do these talks. For us, we propose Nairobi and for the mediator we proposed chief Obasanjo." Check it out here, and keep track of the next issue!
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Anonymous said...

Time has overtaken Obasanjo.

As stated earlier in this blog Obasanjo must be viewed critical as mediator for peace in Kivu. Is he member of Nigeria connection or whatever? Because surely as UN envoi this cannot be looked at. UN-peacekeepers, as they call themselves do nothing to fulfill this word as facts have proven. Obasanjo rises finger at Laurent Nkunda and is not satisified. But has he morale enough to do so?
In Nigeria where he comes from, we have same problems as in Kivu. In Niger delta the international community exploits oil with no profit for people, So rebels fight against this and stop oil export. Badly needed money for the ruling clique in Nigeria stops. So what happens? Religious difference are fueled with the result of hundreds of death. Another Kivu? And what has Obasanjo to tell us? More matata?
Kwame Nkruma surely will turn in grave when seeing this.

Antoinette said...

Besides, Nkrumah was not an angel either! Check with the late Busia political activities to understand!