Wednesday, 5 November 2008


It's a challenge but will try to face it. Will be writing in English because I can't figure out how to put French accent on a bush laptop! Things are taking an other twist as you can see. The Congolese government does not want to negotiate. Another Nairobi conference, probably as useless as the one that produced the Nairobi Agreement last november, is looming:
And Kabila who has made a point of NOT attending International Meetings is going to this one:
The lack of political will on the part of the Congolese governement is as blunt as this:
But neither the Congolese governement nor the international community cannot ignore the elegant and firm warning stated here by Laurent Nkunda:
It's worth noting that Babacar Gaye, despite his crimes in his own country, his involvement in the alliance of genocide forces and the government's forces, his involvement in the ignoble trade of weapon against gold that takes place between MONUC and FDLR, etc..., despite all that he has been reappointed by the UN to head MONUC!!!

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