Friday, 21 November 2008


The UN security council has done what we knew it was going to do: increase MONUC troupes by a 3000 more (3100 according to the Washington Post: So here they are, and then what? Check out Mr Ripert talking about rules of engagement being strong enough but not being used strongly! That's what Bernard Kouchner wanted. But we know they'll be bringing in another bunch of ambitious looters specializing in fathering poor kids in the remote mountains of the Kivu.
Et Babacar Gaye se félicite de la manière dont la MONUC s'acquitte de sa tache: évacuer les FARDC blessées! :
Typical vulture's operations: UNCHR too happy to build new camps instead of ressettling the farmers who have made the Kivu's reputation of "Grenier du Congo" all their lives.

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