Thursday, 20 November 2008


One of them is a friend of mine who was convincing common friends that General Laurent Nkunda looked very uncomfortable in a suit while receiving Olosegun Obasanjo. Now it's the NYT's correspondent in Rutshuru who is reading inexperience and lack of qualifications in the fact that a general could opt for a suit instead of boots to receive foreign envoys! He is actually reading too much here because he thinks Nkunda's suit equal the inexperience of his staff trying to cope with foreign aid NGOs fighting for the scramble of IDPs. The scramble for Africa has taken up the face of the scramble for IDPs. The new colonization is underway and foreign media are doing everything to discredit any African effort such as that of Nkunda to rid the Congo of corrupt leadership and their foreign support! We'll keep track on this, paging from Muchaki or elsewhere!

On another note, Alan DOSS has come to the same conclusion as this blogger, more troupes for MONUC will not bring peace, so why is the UN Security Council contemplating increasing those troupes? Because the UN is there to loot, in a less brutal manner than FARDC but all the same, it will be cooperating with genocide forces to prevent Congolese like those of CNDP to forge a true liberation of the long suffering province of Kivu!

I seem to have solved my problem with links. So here is the testimony of the belgian journalist who was kidnapped in Kiwanja,4254,8636&suiv=13014&page=4&obj_id=91723

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