Thursday, 27 November 2008


And Nkunda's rebels, who have the misfortune of counting among them tutsis, are going to have to face this unprecedented attack just because of the fact that they have and are daring to spearhead the new struggle for freedom. Europe, the UN and the clique of NGOs have something against the tutsis, history will tell why! But it's not only Europe, especially if you take into account that George Soros is among the signatories of the petition I'm talking about. The UN long serving Jan Egeland is said to save signed the NGO leaders petition to the European Union asking to send European troupes to DRC instead of MONUC. He has complained to the BBC that for the Balkans (read for the partionning of the Balkans), Iraq, and the Middle-East "there was no indecisiveness". So he wants the world to treat the DRC the way the Balkans, Iraq and the Middle East were and are treated, as if the International community has brought anything else than fierce divisions which prolong conflict (Egeland likes this because he has build his carrier and fortune on conflicts, he cannot wish them to stop by means of peace, that's why he wants Europe to come and create a regional war). He added that "it is becoming increasingly clear that the EU is best placed -through its standing battle groups- to play this and deploy now". I wonder how Europe is going to resist this pressure. Most probably we are headed towards an Artemis II cum Turquoise Bis operations, all against Nkunda's CNDP. Europe never raised up to defend the tutsis in Rwanda in 1994. Instead all Europe did was to watch French soldiers directly participating in the massacre. Today Europe and the hawkish and hypocritical NGOs are raising up to balkanize the DRC, with the pretext of trashing a rebellion spearheaded by tutsis together with other minorities who want to reclame nothing but freedom! You can see on this link les larmes de crocodiles de Jan Egeland! and


Anonymous said...

All this war in Central and east Africa is one of the permanent wars between some European powers with USA being a kind of outsider supporting one of them.
This is, when you analyze wars in the close past, you find a religious color and smell.
Of course, with the Nazi and fascist adventures it's again the religious highest concern.
After all, some people believe that Hitler isn't the real author of Mein Kampf but a priest. It seems that it's also a priest who wrote the famous "Manifetes des Bahutu" of the first president of Rwanda, Kayibanda Grégoire.

In Rwanda, Burundi and Congo, or Angola and Congo Brazza and even with last wars in Uganda, the problem is alike. It is sure that with Cardinal Mosengwo and Abbé Malu Malu in Zaire - Congo, things remain the same.
Actually, the genocide plan, old of more than 50 years, is no hutu plan but a clear objective of some European countries. In 1994, all was under not only French and Belgian supervision but it was including the Catholic church as "master of ceremony". Priests behavior during the war and killings is enough to enlighten that fact.

Antoinette said...

It's actually terribly scary to think that those who call themselves God's ministers can indulge in these plans. But then, they too know that if God does exist, so does his Judgement! Who does not know the end of Hitler?

Don said...

Hi there

Amani is the only way for peace.

You don't want it, be prepared for what is coming on the way!

DRC can't tolerate people from another country (Rwanda) to dictate or control a portion of our country.

Nkunda and his rebels are not Congolese of origin that Antoinette is pretending to defend...

Here is the truth about the so called Tutsis and Hutus who are calling themselves Congolese today:

Antoinette, I've already told you many times, to better understand Congolese issues, you have to trace it back from Congo-Belge.

The truth hurt, we both that !

God bless you, And I still got much love for you.


Antoinette said...

Yeah we've been always prepared for everything including dying, all of us. That's what you wish. All the best in your enterprise!!! It's pretentious for you to think I don't know the history of the DRC...Just pretentious!

Anonymous said...

By guessing, I think Don is a Flemish catholic and probably a priest.
Saying that DRC can't tolerate people from other countries like Rwanda to dictate or control a portion of "our" contry, Don is seeing the straw of Rwandans and fails to realize the truss of past and present invaders of DRC.
Therefore, he can't see that RDC is controled by foreigners under cover of international community, UNO, and many other organizations or programs like Amani pretending to come and help "poor" Congoleses. Tss, Tss.
Actually, the problem is not to settle that more than 2 millions Congoleses are members of Rwanda or Burundian spposed ethnic groups. Otherwise, Amani could not be a must since it concerns mostly Rwandan ethnic group.
We should remind the reader that even King Musinga Yuhi of Rwanda was born in Masisi just before Morton Stanley entered and founded the EIC (état indépendant du Congo) and also died in Katanga - Congo near Moba (that was called Baudoinville) as a prisoner of Belgians invaders.
The real issue is that the Rwandan nation is living in the most coveted place of the region if not of Africa. The plan of exterminating that group, tutsi particularly, is as old as the day invaders from Europe discovered the mineral and the soil richness of that place.
For the moment, Congeleses are unfortunate inhabitants without citizen rights as owners of their country. DRC is no longer belonging to them. Even the renting position in their country isn't granted any more. They can use their resources to resist to those international malwares.

This is why Nkunda is a real freedom fighter when he bravely dare to face those organizations willing to destroy his country using Kabila puppet.
Imana blesses the RDC people.


Don said...

Hi Antoinette

It's really sad and baseless, the way you always respond my comments.

Why, are you angry at me ? Is this because, I have proved you wrong many times, with your miss leading articles and comments ? Or is this because many people in your own blog seems to agree with my comments ? Is this what makes you jealous of me ?

(...) and please, Don't be sully sweetie, are ready to die ? Cause you said I quote : "Yeah we've been always prepared for everything including dying, all of us. " Why this anger, Antoinette ?

I know that you are tutsi from congo. However, as a well educated Congolese, I respect that. But they way you are acting now with your baseless comments, is really ludicrous and SAD. ARE YOU REALLY EDUCATED ? IF YOU ARE THEN SHOW IT!

Tutsis and Hutus have nothing to say in front of Congolese. Cause Congolese people since the 18th century till now, are giving you a place to stay, educate you in their universities, trained you guys in many other area so that you could be able to look after yourselves... And today, you want to say that Congo DR is your country ? It's ridiculous.

We don't refuse people to stay in Congo. But people who have chosen to remain in Congo have to live by respecting Congolese laws. And not telling us what to do. Cause It's our country.

Till now, we are still training many people in/from Rwanda. In Kigali and other part of Rwanda, many doctors in hospitals, teachers, university professors, etc. where are they from ? If they from Congo DR. And if you don't believe me, just go to Kigali, Antoinette and you'll be surprised.

I'm not trying to be pretentious, like you said. I'm just trying to help you, because you seem to be oblivious about many things thatis going on in Congo DR. And thus, this is leading to write no sense articles and comments about my Country, DR Congo. You have leaned the history of DR Congo, if you want to talk about it!

I respect as you a woman and I don't want to have any fight of any kind with you. However, I'll be ready to contradict you when you write no sense articles about to Congo to miss lead readers of this blog.

I love you, Antoinette and I still got much love and respect to you!

Je t’embrasse tres fort!


Antoinette said...

You are like all those guys out there who roam people's blogs to assert themselves. I can't get angry about these people because I have better things to do. But I find your assumption that I don't know the DRC's history absolutely baseless, that's why Itold you and still tell you it's pretentious. Shall I say also that I don't need any respect from you? Just don't read my blog! I am sure you are pissed off by the fact that I am so right in what I say here, but don't worry you don't need to agree with me, and again, don't read my blog!

Antoinette said...

Hi Bagambiki,

All true freedom fighters are the only people who truly do frighten freedom's ennemis. The latter can be priests or whatever, but for sure, true freedom fighters get them shaking in their boots, and it shows in many ways. You got it!

Don said...

Hi Antoinette


I'm not even sorry... but your responses are really LOW LEVEL. Just LOW LEVEL...

It's really sad. STOP talking about my country DR CONGO. talk about Rwanda, which is your country and not CONGO DR.


Regardless of your anger and jealousy toward me, cause I'm proving wrong about your non sense, baseless, ludicrous articles about my country... I STILL LOVE, Antoinette !

Antoinette Keep spreading violence and hatred around, and I'll keep on bringing love and respect around. This is what a well educated man does!


Nobody can hold me (DON) down!

A man who never loose a battle!

Don said...

Hi again

I forgot one thing.

I'll still keep on reading your Blog, because I love some other articles that you publish and which is helping me to understand other things...

Again, I LOVE YOU, Antoinette and GOD Bless YOU.



Antoinette said...

Trying out virtual intimidation? Ever tried to stop the wind?

Don said...

Hi there

Antoinette, You are really pushing me... Please stop. Or I'll destroy you in an article that will be published in due course at KongoTimes!

What wind, are you talking about ? NO SENSE. I think you have read what André Flahaut said at Colette Braeckman blog. I quote : "Aujourd’hui, dans l’Equateur, les Belges sont engagés dans la formation de « forces spéciales » de la FARDC."

That a clear message of what is coming ahead: DESTRUCTION OF CNDP.

We will destroy you and Nkundabatware (a tutsi from Rwanda) in days to come. You'll see Antoinette. Tutsis are not Congolese of origin. Why don't you go back to Rwanda, where you belong ? We have done enough for you guys.

We can't tolerate or allowed tutsis from Rwanda to control a portion of our country, RD Congo. You'll be destroyed soon...

Antoinette, You don't even know or understand the History of RDC, and you want to talk me, please. Why don't you talk about your country, Rwanda ?

Since, I have asked some serious questions about your publications, till now « you are unable and incapable to answer me. Why ? Because of your incompetence and luck of knowing the history of DR Congo. »

The truth hurt, and we both know that Antoinette.

We will destroy you and Nkundabatware (responsible for rape and Genocide in RDC) in days to come.

Despite any disputes between you and me, I still Love you and respect you as woman, Antoinette.

Because if it wasn't a woman, I wouldn't be in this world. As a woman, I hope you understand that.

Je t’embrasse très fort sur tes lèvres !


A man who never loose a battle!

Anonymous said...

Don is insane and bad minded.
Flahaut has no real experience in military and Don can't make a difference between Belgium and Congo that he spells Kongo like many Flemishes!!

He doesn't understand that the Belgian-French tandem is arriving to late to save their FDLR - Interahamwe living in Kivu. Bush is soon to leave and to handover the chair to Obama who won't obey Bush's agreements made with EU particularly, with the Latin ethnic group when he visited the Pope and France, etc.
Their rush will produce a fake intervention since Belgians will have the dilemma of sending either Flemish or Walloon military troops.
Last time in Rwanda, the Belgian government got a real problem with the dead of 10-11 soldiers to enable, on purpose, the tutsi genocide.

We should expect some "intelligent" and subtle subterfuge of replacing Belgians with French mercenaries or the Legion Etrangère army. Just as they did it with French soldiers, wearing Belgian military suits stolen in Hotel Mille Collines, to launch the missiles that killed Habyarimana. Actually, this is why Belgian Paras were killed by Rwandan gendarmes.
It happens that, as a very special "coincidence", the Belgian troops were French speakers after having replaced a Flemish battalion ...
Was this also planned? Nobody can't tell!

Don also is forgetting the Nkunda's Big Brothers that may be obliged to do something ...


Antoinette said...

Don Roberto,

You are the one who is getting angry now. I was asking a common sense question when I mentioned the stopping the wind query, because I think that that process is as difficult as trying to lay claim on people's freedom of speech, expression etc.

Antoinette said...

Hello Bagambiki,

You are right! Since the mercernaries are already there, some under "peacekeepers cover", I was wondering what could that european force be, you got it: le légion étrangère, of course, don't we have Babacar Gaye already? Thanks for that insight!

Anonymous said...

An African says when he means someone is fool, he has maggots in his brain.
What please matters if someone comes from Rwanda, Congo or wherever? All these differences were created by Europeans in Africa when sitting in front of a map in Berlin many years ago. It is astonishing that some people obey to this nonsense and think that patriotism is worth while to run around and kill. The disease of colonialism is worse than ever in whole Africa. If they were real patriots they quickly find out who sells whole landscapes, I avoid mention countries, for a dime, because this habit does not stop at borders, it is globalized! So wake up poor Don. And
if your bloodthirstiness has taken care of you, there is urgent need of mercenaires of black Kongo Müllers. Go and help yourself, but do not complain if something has gone wrong.

Antoinette said...

Thanks L.! Thank God the blogosphere has no boarders especially the ones drawn in Berlin in 1885!

Don said...

Reply to [Bagambiki and L] the 2 Ignorants !

I know that both of you are Tutsis and we wont let you ignorants control a portion of our country.

You don't have my level and you'll never reach my level. I don't live in poverty like you guys, You got that...

You can team up together against me. But I'll destroy you all. IGNORANTS. Men of low level spirits, living a low level life.

Why don't you go back to Rwanda where you belong ? We don't want you in DRC, cause it's our country.

In 18th century, we took you tutsis to DRC, because we didn't want to die with hunger, and today you are saying that DRC is country ?, Please. Go back to your country, Rwanda.

We will destroy you tutsis and Nkundabatware (responsible for rape and Genocide in RDC) in days to come.

Bagambiki and L, you both ignorants and you'll never reach my level. I don't live in poverty like you guys. I am millionaire with a Gold tap jacoozy in my bathroom. And when I'm on holiday, I only stay at luxury 5 starts hotels. This is a life style that both of you don't have and you'll never have until your last the day in world.

That's the difference between you [ignorants] and Big Don.



A man who never loose a battle!

Anonymous said...

An interesting language. Some are low level, some are high level. This we are used from Hitler, who talked about lords race and gained many supporters to spill their life. 50 million dead was the result. And as blind fish you cannot see a difference between an African and European...
This comes from your sickness in mind which only can kill, if things go other than expected, scape goat those who are victims. I wonder why this comes, but it can be recorded among those raping and looting and warmongering folks. This food seems to please some people and make them easy going and have a good time. But it is the language of thieves and murderers, barbarian type of man, scum of the society, enemies of civilisation but useful tools for some kind of bosses sitting at the beach of let us say Florida or other fine places in the world, guiding things and clashes at different hot spots in the world at their pleasure.

Antoinette said...

Sorry L and Bagambiki,

But there are all kind of languages on the blogosphere, I bet we got to bear with it in the name of freedom of speech, haha, really sorry!

Anonymous said...

The blog is in one case very interesting to show us how the brain of those is functioning pretending to be Congolese, what is the mentality ot those sticking to Congo Times.
They parrot nothing new and it gets boring. If this fairy tale is meant to be the base of the policy of Joseph Kabila, whose loudspeaker is Congo Times, then it is not all astonishing when in his torture barracks in Kinshasa they try in vain to change mentality of Congolese. It remembers strongly at those preeches coming from the Capitalist Party of China, which acts in the same manner dealing with people who fortunately have other opinion than themselves. On this globe we have 6 billion human beings, fortunately with 6 billion different minds and if used there will be a fantastic wealth on earth. But unfortunately there are 10 million milliardaires who think that everybody has to obey to their fashion. The result we see, millions suffer from hunger and are left in dark.
The globe cannot stand this any more.

Don said...

Reply to L

It's A Millionaires World!

With money comes power, with power comes respect. You got that, L ?

Like it or not, you can not change the course of this world just by hiding behind a name (L) or making noise here at "Mushaki Pager." You have to start by using your real name just like me. And then you can start talking. Ignorant Tutsi.

This is a language of Millionaires, shut the fuck up, and watch the way things is unfolding around...

Please, Leave a lone. When I speak here, I don't speak for KongoTimes!. I speak for myself... , is a respected company with over 100.000 visitors a day. Something that you don't see over here. The world is listening to KongoTimes! That's the difference!

You are talking about others being rich and poor, because you are broke. If you where like me, you wouldn't have that language poverty. L, A Broke ASS Man.

Again, With money comes power, with power comes respect. This is a language of Millionaires, You got that L? Ignorant.

"IT'S A MILLIONAIRES WORLD, AND BIG DON AMONG THEME"! That's the difference between you [L, broke ass man] and me [Big Don, the millionaire].

Just for the record, I cruse with Bentley that cost over $450.000, equipped with all the latest technology. Do u have that L ?

L, How much do you in your bank account ?


A man who never loose a battle!

Anonymous said...

You are satisfied now?
Peace to your mind.

Anonymous said...

Advertise for genocide, freedom of speech?
We learn, that we are all Tutsis and whatsoever. It is interesting to note how this functions and is the music of war. It reminds of the old king Léopold 2 who was a champion of chasing tribes in Congo to one another so as to get hold of riches. And now some Congolese use the same method. Is this the culture Belgians have left behind in Congo? It is important to know that before Belgians invaded Congo, there was a big compound of different tribes living peaceful togethher. I learnt at Athenée Royale in Léopoldille that tribes were all semi nomads. But that is not true. If you deal with culture of Africans they formerly practiced socalled permaculture. You can find this in rain forests of Amazonas but also at Kilimanjaro. This is an absolutely sustainable way of cultivating land in tropics. But what happened? Colonialists came and started cash crops, the result was soil fertility sank to a very poor level. And as colonialist wanted slaves they chased the people through the forests, people had to flee ever deeper in the forests. One very sad story is that of Pygmies now mostly living as waste people. The forests are their base for life and are plundered and destroyed by German DANZER company. I hope fate comes not to the same finish as Chico Mendes in Brasil with Willy Loyombo.

Anonymous said...

"Happy" Don, who are you exactly? Do you have a mother, a father, a wife and children?
Ooh, I understand, you are a simple "poor" millionaire and not aware that this is not really so much to show up. You have no other credits but to evaluate yourself as cash cnverter machine and to compare yourself with Bill Gates or alike!!!!
Though this isn't the topic of this blog, I would like to teach you what is to be rich or not.
You mean cash in your pocket or you bank account but you forget the very last world events of bank collapses and big millionaires losing their savings.

For sure, Nkunda is more powerful than you and has more credits of respect than you have as far as I see. When dead as simple millionaire, nobody will remark you're gone for ever but your cash. You have no value yourself, sorry for that.

As for me, I am of BaShambo clan. That's my wide family. As such, I feel very comfortable being a member of one of the biggest clans that are more than estimated two millions and all over a wide region across five of east-central African countries with many others thousands all over the world. So I may be Tutsi but with Hutu and Tutsi Shambo clan members in Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and of course in DRC. With this,if I add all matrimonial and patrimonial unions, I feel good, very good.
About friends, I do have more than you do and all over the world.
With that, I speak three African languages and three European languages fluently and understand many others. I have a lovely family that I cherish.
With all my children and other relatives, I don't fear to die not being millionaire.

Don said...

Reply to Bagambiki

First of all, you are nothing but an "ignorant" and an "idiot". I got no time for people who are bellow me.

Fuck you and Nkundabatware. You are talking about Nkundabatware and he doesn't even know you or care about you.

You are broke and living in poverty, that why you are jealous of me. Cause I'm blessed to be a millionaire.

Just for the record, my mining company does business with Nkundabatware... So, Who knows who ?

I do have a family, and I also have brothers and sisters... We all live happily by enjoying our expensive life style. Something that you and your so called clan, don't have. That's the difference between you [Bagambiki, the ignorant] and me [Big DON].

If you broke and you need money just ask me and don't be shy. I can feed you and clan for the next 50 years!

You tutsis from Rwanda, have nothing to say in front of us Congolese. Cause we are giving you a place to stay and feeding your children in our country, DR Congo.

This was is not over yet. We'll destroy you tutsis and Nkundabatware in days to come...

Bagambiki, an ignorant tutsi from Rwanda, who is claiming to be a Congolese. Go back your country Rwanda. Ho hoooo, I forgot, you don't have a place to stay there... OOOpss my bad!

DR Congo is for Congolese and not tutsis from Rwanda.



BIG DON [A happily Millionaire]
A man who has never loose a battle!