Friday, 21 November 2008


I like the way he unambiguously states that the CNDP is a reactionary force created by internal issues in that country (the DRC). Slowly, step by step, relentlessly, the National and International opinions have to come to terms with the fact that the Movement is something different from all previous ones. It is determined to claim the defence of people's right to develop themselves!
Lord Mark Malloch Brown who worked with the UN at the time of the rwandan genocide is touring the Great Lakes Region. He is the best person to assess how diplomatic failure and irresponsible military offensive, like the one lauched by Kabila in the East since august 2008, can have a high political price, and worse, a high human price! Read on:


Don said...

Hi Antoinette

According to the British Minister opinions.

I think, they are all part of the same hypocrisy... "Let continue loots and destabilized Eastern of Congo, to protect our interests."

That is why, the British Minister defended CNDP's Independence from Rwanda.

Get the picture ?

I'm out, God bless you, Antoinette.

Don Roberto
From Dublin

Anonymous said...

did you read this book (tutsi talks)? the design is great...

Anonymous said...

Aladin's wonderlamp is flickering.
In an interview of Aljazeera with Laurent Nkunda the reporteress pinpointed him down on the question of the misery of the refugees. She scape goated him for the misery in Congo because of his fighting. The media mainstream has one single aim to cheat public opinion and hang a smoke screen over the atrocities imperialism commits in Africa. So far Aljazeera in this orchestra played the role of underdog and had to profile with some amount of truth. But what is the reason to leave this path? Arab imperialism plays a dark role since centuries in Africa. Slave trade was the main business. This has aggravated when oil wells added wealth to some few sheiks to fabulous dimensions. These days they spent 20 million $ on fireworks to inaugurate a luxury hotel in Dubai. But at the front of their door in Somalia hunger is on the agenda. But not even there. Eastern Congo has the same fate. Or let us look at Darfour. In all cases people oppose to beeing forced to have hunger. What is wrong about this? In all cases UN builds concentration camps to jail people there under the pretext to protect them. But what could we witnes in Kivanja or Sebrenica? UN plays spectator when criminal gangs attack camps to get hold of foood to feed themselves. Why are there people in camps? What are these people? They are displaced pesants whom gangs have stolen their crops and cattle. Those gangs operate with the pretext to protect some ethnic minority. In Kivu peasants can feed whole Africa with food. We witness that Joseph Kabilas troops run around in Kivu looting. What is the purpose of this? Is it to maintain state authority, law and order? Is it to intimidate people, make them feel who is ruler of Congo? Is it to win war? When Nazi Germany penetrated into Sowjetunion they behaved in the same manner. Looting and burned soil and try extermination of slavic ethnic was the result. German nationalism was one of the darkest side if civilisation of mankind. But this has many scholars. Be it arab nationalism or others. Blaming ethnic difference for misery is an an easy method to rule. Imperialism uses this differences to rule the globe and is fuelling all these differences to get hold of riches. But between the thieves there are quarrels about the prey. That G20 meeting recently showed the immense fear of protectionism. Of course each of the thief attempts to keep his own fur dry. Soldarity only governs when they get into trouble. This can be seen at the coast of Somalia with all these canon boats but also with that bunch of international troops assembled in MONUC. They spend an awful lot of money to let their military boots march around in Kivu to show strength. But the people is suffering in camps not getting enough dirty welfare.
We can watch this wherever this imperialists appear on the globe. And not enough, they fuel criminal gangs so as to appear as security troop. It is very easy to get rid of criminal gangs if one only would like to. See how long criminal Karadzic is enjoying fresh air on the Balkans under the eyes of KAFOR. Same applies to opium barons in Afghanistan, who manage export boom on drugs. AISAF helps them with this job. The so called international community is a bunch of imperialists with no other aim as to underthrow freedom loving people, make them to slaves.

Antoinette said...

Hi Roberto,

Told you I know where you are coming from Don Roberto!! No offense, it's about freedom of thought! Of course Britons will always defend Britain's interests. I wonder whose interests you defend in your somewhat animosity against Malloch, or is it against Nkunda, but oh yes, they are the same for you, right?

Nice week end!