Monday, 10 November 2008


Regional organizations never sent troups to desarm genocide militias FDLR operating in Eastern DRC for 14 years now, but they are ready to send in troups to help Kabila fight the CNDP: here goes the answer from the Movement's Chairman:

These are the first SADSC troups:

And this is how the vultures defend Kabila and Interahamwes. Notes what Grignon writes about Nkunda's claims being ludicruous!!!!

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Anonymous said...

It is interesting to notice on EuroNews that in Soveto there was a military parade on 9/11/2008. Laying down wreaths with such an amount of military, what is the sense? We learn now that South Africa will help Joseph Kabila with military to fight Nkunda. Mandela told us recently it is important to fight poverty. Good idea. But what astonishes us is that so many military boots visit Soveto. Recently in this blog it was anounced that not only in Eastern Congo, but from Soveto to Gaza there is hunger. In Gaza Israel military boot fight against the hungry people. Is this to come in Soveto?
Joseph Kabila gets South African military aid, because he prefers war instead of food, democratically legitimized.
Well the choice has been done. All those wars around the globe have teached us, the more there is military boot, the more there is hunger. Another lesson is, those opposing this are stamped as criminals like Nkunda. This fairy tale gets extremely brittle and the smell of freedom has reached such far corners as Soveto, Gaza or Nairobi, Somalia. There were moments in history like in 1918 or 1917 when the opressed where fed up with this tales and chased away the war mongers. The elites may send as many military boots as they want, it is useless. See how the US-tax payer loves the economic hole in the US. Joseph Kabila has learned nothing else than to kill and play the thieve like Mobutu. The idiot Mao lesson political power comes from the barrel of the gun has shown us how this worked in Tibet or Tien An Men 1989. Kabila sen. said at least that it would be important to send back the people to the country and grow crops. But under his son Kinshasa grows only slum. That is the difference. When Nkunda arms his people against cattle thieves, protects the peasants, this is ok. This is the elementary difference between Joseph Kabila and Laurent Nkunda. This has already been noticed by intelligent people. In whole Africa the birds whisper from the roof what kind of figure Joseph Kabila is. And mind, when at the outskirts of Kinshasa appear freedom loving people to chase away this appearance as happened with Mobuto recently, the world should not fall in astonishment. Congolese people have a good sense of truth.