Thursday, 20 November 2008


Non content d'y aller chacun à sa manière, les ONGs s'allient de plus en plus pour définir ce que la sortie de la crise congolaise doit être. Je refléchissais tout à l'heure sur qui devrait garder une sentinelle criminelle, et je n'avais pas encore vu ceci:

Tout ce beau monde veut façonner le destin du Congo. Autrefois quand les États étaient souverains, on pouvait encore parler de protectorat. Que dirons-nous maintenant face à l'apanage d'une souveraineté aussi amorphe que celle de 40 ONGs qui font et défont la fortune ou le malheur des individus tout comme des nations?

Et Kabila s'en va consulter avec l'oncle angolais sur le sort de son option guerrière. Les mercenaires angolais ont probablement fait leur rapport à propos de la nouvelle connaissance qu'ils ont du terrain!

Un billet si bien écrit mais avec l'amertume kinois sur le point d'appeler un chat un chat, mais s'en reserve un peu. C'est sensé être sur un Congo fédéral!

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Anonymous said...

There are two kind of journalism. One is that of ink slavery dwelling on matters which are not important and which deal of the mind of some few persons. Paid by them for telling lies into the world in order to shape the world to their ideas. This one is not sustainable and sooner or later those lies pop up like bubbles. On the other hand there are journalists who consider themselves as 4. power and stick to their ideals to find out the truth. These people are absolutely essential und it is wise to honour their work and respect them. But as can be watched Joseph Kabila does not like these people and kills them or put them in jail as journalistes en danger JED reports about Congo. We know that truth in a war is the first to die.
One of this sources is Congo Times on Internet. It is very amusing reading their reports and the attempts to scape goat Laurent Nkunda for misery in Congo. All this would be interesting if they report at least balanced. But it seems to be a fashion to consider Joseph Kabila as Good.
If you only dare to ask question about this, you are stamped as enemy. Of course this method is not at all a solution, but it shows how arrogant Joseph Kabila people are und likewise no end to bloodshed in Congo will come. This method fuels war. German people have suffered a lot from this idiocy during Hitler and red fascism. But when the wall fell, the world could witness that people is stronger than some lonely men in their bunkers, waiting for kisses and cheers in vain.