Monday, 24 November 2008


Le conseil de sécurité de l'ONU croit dur comme fer en sa MONUC qui se révèle incapable de protéger les refugiés contre des FARDC-FDLR affamées et frustrées par un pouvoir inepte à Kinshasa!

Comment les FARDC peuvent malmener la MONUC sous pretexte de chercher des rebels dans le convoi de l'ONU. Et Sylvie Van Wildenberg qui s'en étonne, puisqu'elle ne faisait que transporter les Mai Mai. Les FARDC auront-elles cherché à se vanger des Mai Mai pour la punition que ceux-ci leur ont infligée la semaine dernière?


Anonymous said...

Même s'il y a une certaine unanimité des media surtout européens sur les affres et les affaires de la RDC, il ne manque pas des contradictions mutuelles dans leurs compte-rendus et dans leurs appréciations des événements ou des personnalités. Le lien suivant montre bien cette identité de vue avec le credo que la chaîne ARTE proclame à qui veut l'entendre:

Ceci ne gêne en rien ces créateurs d'opinion puisqu'ils s'arrangent pour répéter les mêmes slogans afin d'en fixer les images.
C'est un continuel matraquage de nouvelles avec des faits vrais mais maquillés pour porter un jugement de valeur, une opinion sure avec les mêmes acteurs auxquels on prête les mêmes rôles. Nkunda et le CNDP sont les méchants quand les ONG, dits les vautours des camps, la MONUC et les FARDC sont les bons.
Il est vrai qu'ils sont interdépendants et solidaires dans leurs actions.
Pour le reste, on laisse le lecteur apprécier sans possibilité souvent d'avoir une vision alternative même si Nkunda, le rebelle prototypique, et son parti portent le label de sauveurs, quand même "louables", des Tutsi. Ils sont même taxés de dictateur et de totalitaire!!
Ceci sous-entend qu'ils n'ont pas d'autre programme même pour Obasanjo avant qu'il ne rencontre Nkunda.
Ceci alors que Kabila, venu de nul part mais avec une position dominante, est le chef dit "démocratiquement élu" par tout le pays. On n'a pas le droit de le critiquer ni lui ni son gouvernement per-diemiste bourrés d'arrivistes sans patriotisme.
On oublit que Hitler fut aussi démocratiquement élu après le sabordage et le ralliement des partis socio-chrétiens (surtout catholiques). Ne dit-on pas que ce qui se ressemble, etc ...
Sommes-nous entrain de refaire une sale histoire? Mais alors qui font les Juifs et les Alliés?


Don said...

Hi Antoinette

It's really unacceptable saying that : "FARDC affamées et frustrées par un pouvoir inepte à Kinshasa!"

Ce vraiment la manipulation de l’irrationnel de congolais!

Also, I have noticed that in most of your articles, you always support CNDP of Nkunda and you stigmatized repeatedly Congolese army and the Government in Kinshasa, why ?

Why are you always partial on your comment? As an intelligent woman, you shouldn't be acting this way... I'm disappointed.

You think Nkunda is better then Kabila ?

They are both criminals and working to the profit of the West. And you know this, Antoinette.

About the incident of Monuc and FARDC, you really have search deeper. Here is the clarification :

"Pour un scandale, c’en est vraiment un. La Monuc a été prise en flagrant délit d’infiltration de la ville de Goma par des éléments du Cndp."

The FARDC have the right to check and make sure no one from the other side is entering their territory. Just like also Nkunda men, can also do the same in the territory that they are controlling. Because they are at war.

God bless you!

Don Roberto

Anonymous said...

25.11.2008 03:49
In the Congo connflict we must not blame this or that person but have a look at the specifics of this conflict. Otherwiese we go into a trap with no return.
So the impression comes along that the conflict is one betwen Laurent Nkunda and Joseph Kabila, a kind of rivalry about power in state.
That is how UN deals with this conflict and tries to play referee.
Nevertheless one has to look at the persons involved, have a look at their aims.
These are more than two persons.
Before dealing with Laurent Nkunda Joseph Kabila appeared long ago at the stage of politics. There was no intention to deal with Laurent Nkunda. Mainstream media simply ignored him and when media dealt with him, those reporting had their mouth closed.
In the shade of Laurent Desiré Kabila his son Joseph waged war in Eastern Congo like any other thieve gang there to the distress of his father. Mzee Kabila was fed up with this. For a long time he thought that Chinese were good partners to fight Mobutu. He even sent his son to China to learn military job. As Mzee Kabila did not work properly, they organized putsch in Kinshasa and killed him. This was done with the aid of the Maoist Party of Belgium and their head Ludo Martens, who maintained an office in Kinshasa. To accomplish the putsch Chinese and North Korean military resided in Kinshasa. Their aim was as formerly the US to get hold of uranium in Congo for their strategic aims of world domination. US at that time had other interests and waged war for oil in Irak.
The world was shocked when Chinese emerged as global players and specially in Congo. So the EU quickly switched to friendship with China so as to get hold of some crumbs there. Germany at the forefront of EU sent is troops to help Joseph Kabila to get boss of Congo. Germany had suffered bad losses with their puppet Jean Piere Bemba in Eastern Congo.
But of course Joseph Kabila never sat firm in the saddle. His ambitions were not very far but rather in his pockets. So the joy of renewal after Mobutu sank into the old agony.
As world economy sank, as well the demand for raw material reduced and so the income of Joseph Kabila reduced. Unable to establish a sound economy, he never learnt this, Congo fell back into the old disease.
On his way to rule Congo a main obstacle was in Eastern Congo to get hold completely for example of coltan mines. Coltan is a strategic material for the whole comunication industry. But Mr. Coltan sat upon coltan mines and this was supposed to be Laurent Nkunda. In difference to Joseph Kabila he intends to use the wealth for the people. While Joseph Kabila takes care of his Swiss bank accounts with stolen gold and builds a house in France for his planned exile, the concerns of CNDP dwell on how to establish economy in Congo. As Laurent Nkunda said, there is no economy in Congo. In contrary there is only an economy of theft nurished by European, specially German firms, in Congo. This is an one-way economy, never fair and never to the benefit of Congolese. Simply said Congolese are fed up with this.
It is proved that of course not Laurent Nkunda sat upon coltan mines but local people, after Belgians had fled all of a sudden, because of coltan embargo sanctioned by UN. It is interesting to note that Belgians had supported UN coltan embargo. It was the revenge for their loss and the attempts to kick out Germany with BAYER/H.C. Starck and that ominous coltan smuggler Baron von Finck, a kind of bloody rivalry.
So the circle closes to that figure Ludo Martens of Belgium trying to pave the road for Chinese.
We see, there are different foreign interests clashing upon Congo because the greed for raw material is immense. Its absolutely legal to defend the riches of Congo by the poeple of Congo. Masking oneself as elected president of Congo and doing dirty business at the cost of Congolese people is a well known fashion not only in Congo. Those crying for justice must remember this.
Inside the fog of accusations one must clearly separate the origin. The confusion on this is great. The tragedy is, that this Congo conflict is not a specific one , cannot be seen separate from other conflict on the globe. Globalization of capitalism has not stopped in Congo.
Attempts to gain ground there as the world can see in face of gloabl economy and financial crisis shows us, the chain tears at it's weakest link. One must dare to consider, is there a difference between the state bankrupt of Congo or Iceland. There is no difference! And there are many more countries to come. Even in the metropole of capitalism, the US, it appears simply ridiculous when now Obama attempts to repair economy but at the same time intends to stock up soldiers in Afghanistan.
It is said that war is the father of all things. And it is not by surprise that a general turns around the rifle and emerges as peace fighter. 90 years ago this happened after WW 1 in Germany, when councils of workers, peasants and soldiers were founded to proclaim a new republic. The trash of the old society was buried. Unfortunately after elections Hitler came to power and turned history back.
History returns but not with the same pictures. It is good to remember.

Antoinette said...

Don Roberto,

You seem to be terribly bothered by my personal stand on my personal blog. That is what is a pity! Don't read it if you don't like it!!! Best regards!

ColoredOpinions said...

Whatever the quality of Kabila's rule, the 2006 elections have been characterized as free and fair. The FDLR is no threat to Rwanda and Nkunda should stick to the sun city peace agreement on the Congo. Rebel movements are no solution to any problem. They don't make a country more democratic and more peacefull, as history shows, just look at the Russian revolution and you know that it does not bring a country anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Yes, free and fair elections. Free from responsibilty to what the elected had promised, fair to the autokrats. > Bush, Sarkaswili and many others.
And Russsian Revolution: the circle has closed. From the red tsars back to the Romanovs. The red tsars needed 55 years to achieve this.

Antoinette said...

Sun City was an outright failure and its flaws were intended by Joseph Kabila's patrons. The same ones who cannot stand his flirting with the chinese! And surely, there has never been free and fair election in DRC unless we lost the meaning of both freedom and fairness. Honestly Kabila's fans can find other ways of defending his total lack of political good will!

Anonymous said...

25.11.2008 20:28
Reste la Chine, ou Joseph Kabila a fréquenté un temps, a la fin des années 1990,1'université de la Défense nationale de Pékin. S'orientera-t-il, sur le plan de la défense et de la sécurité, comme il l'a fait pour la construction des infrastructures, vers le grand frère chinois? On ne met tous ses œufs dans le même panier que lorsqu'on y est accule. Ce qui n'est pas-encore-le cas...

Francois Soudan Kongo Times

It is interesting to notice, that Kongo Times so far was a loudspeaker of Joseph Kabila. But now this?
What has happened? As one can hear Joseph Kabilas troops loot because no solde comes along. Why this?
Has he gone out of money? It has to do with Chinese finance crisis. As one can see cranes in ports and construction sites are standing still. This vulnerable emerging country economy has been hit by full blow of finance crisis. 100 000 factories have reported to be closed. Now the Capitalist Party of China has to feed the jobless. Of course colonies like Congo have to wait.
And if Chinese imperialism gets out of breathe all those puppets are facing hard times. That is the way it goes.

Antoinette said...

Many thanks L., I usually don't read Kongo Times, so I didn't know about this reversing trend!

Don said...

Yo !

Please, leave KongoTimes! alone. PLEASE.

KongoTimes! is a respected company that doesn't pick sides when it comes to reporting news about Congolese issues.

Is well know today that "Mushaki Pager, is inciting people to violence and hatred". And is this what Antoinette call uniting Congo DR ? It's really SAD!

A Trusted Source Of News In Africa And Diaspora !


God blesse you, all.