Friday, 23 January 2009


The New York Times:

Congo' surrealism: Didier Etumba, the Chief of Staff of FARDC was not informed about the joint operation against FDLR. Check out the readers comments on the site:

The famous picture of John Numbi and Nkunda: this was barely 2 years ago. Talk about twists and turns!

Silent for a long time, finally Braeckmann speaks, like someone who, for having failed to announce Nkunda's death to the world, could at least explain how his arrest was orchestrated!


Anonymous said...

What is really amazing is the MONUC position and situation. The UN Officials are lost in the mist of Kivu.

Really, unbelievable!!!
Their job is finished now! Their objectives were to impose peace by stopping and working against Nkunda who is now deactivated.
Even Dietrich seems to turn loose without knowing what to do next day. His budget, logistics, etc are straddled there like a flag turning wind wind on a hill.

Even those humanitarians "troupes' may return and go home definitely. Only the Red Cross may pretend and apply for useful help whenever FDLR tries to stand against that RDC and Rwanda coalition.

Even Kamerhe and his friends are also astonished and chocked.

Are we going toward peace or there still is an unsaid, a hidden trap planned for that planning?


Antoinette said...

The turn and the particurlarly the speed of events this week is just unbelievable. Didier Etumba says he was not informed about the joint operation. John Numbi says he arrested Nkunda while the latter tried to oppose resistance. I don't see how he could since since we were meant to believe he was finished by the time the new allinaces were announced in the media. And the UN repeat its beloved slogan of protecting civilians... The question one cannot fail to ask is if the joint operation was about the FDLR, why is Nkunda the first casualty? A mystery that the evolution of events will tell us.

Big Don said...

To the ignorant tutsis, include Antoinette.

We wont be distracted, Nkunda is not arrested.

Our sources in Kigali confirmed that Nkunda and his family are safe and well in a protected luxury house in Kigali, Rwanda.

Why did Nkunda fleed to rwanda ?

According to the same sources in Kigali. Nkunda was about to be arrested and sent to the ICC. However, since Rwanda didn't sign any documents recognizing the ICC jurisdiction, therefore, Nkunda can not touch if is in Rwanda.

THe same source confirmed that Nkunda was brought in Kigali late in the night, on thursday, by rwandan security forces, guarantying is safety...

One of Kagame closest official confirm that the fate of other tutsis in the easten of DRC, is not the responsibility of rwandan government. They have to deal with the congolese government.

It's a sad end for Tutsis in DRC, I just can't wait for "La chasse tutsis". Blood call blood. The death of over 8 million will go in vain. What we want now, is total extermination of all tutsis in DRC.


BIG DON, the warmonger

Anonymous said...

The problem is, things in the world are changing so quickly that some people cannot follow. Even those who call for change in the US. So many fell into
trauma and hoped everything will remain as it is. But that is not the case. Africa has lived from baksheesh. Coalitions have formed to maintain this. Autocrats have lived on war economy. But the rich teachers have abandoned the scene like Belgians in Eastern Congo with coltan. They lick their wounds in Belgium and do not come to terms.
The EU as last community of strength hastes from one fire to the other, lately to Sharm el Sharif with empty pockets. So the Pharao lets smuggle continue. What we say, another world is possible with new structures, without military boot, the most unproductive element of this time, parasite economy the base of this decay. If CNDP grasp this, instead of peace philosophy peace economy like in Senegal, wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Too good, to be true! Nkunda abattoir aux arrest?
Where are those Tutsis Loseers?

Didn’t we tell you that Mr Abattoir little adventure was doomed to fail? Where are we now?
If Kagome (Mechant) thinks it can fool anybody, he should think twice, and if Nkundaabattoir is really under arrest, we want him extradited to Congo so that he can stand trial for the atrocities he once committed on our soil.
Be ensured that the death of our love ones will not go in vain. We Congolese people as a whole have our eyes on you Tutsis, If you try a sudden monkey business, bokozua pine na kingo(Pneu).

Vive la RDC, nous batirons notre pays plus beau et plus fort qu'avant.

Francoise 100% Congolaise.

Anonymous said...

Finalement Nkunda avait fait du très bon travail quand on voit la promenade de santé que font les troupes FARDC - RDF dans le nord et l'ouest du Nord-Kivu. En fait, le "fruit" était déjà mûr et à point.

Même les habitants semblent en bonne santé quoiqu'ils commencent à se plaindre des rapines des FARDC qui molestent même certains habitants, comme d'habitude.

Les comments de Colette Braeckman prenant Nkunda pour un canin sans doute de pédigrée Braeck sont sans grande inspiration. Elle ne parvient toujours pas non plus à s'expliquer ce courant d'air qui a tout bouleversé.
Dire que les rapports et bilans de l'ONU sont directement responsables du retournement de Kinshasa et Kigali est, soit un manque du sens de l'observation, soit une façon de cacher les autres motivations réelles, celles-là.
Mais comme les autres raconteurs occidentaux de ragots dans les journaux branchés, elle ne manque pas de fustiger et de chosifier Nkunda et ses protecteurs.

Est-ce qu'il y a quelqu'un qui a remarqué que le reste du Congo est inexistant dans tout ce remue-ménage? Pourtant la situation est tout aussi grave et catastrophique partout, avec ou sans humanitaires ou chinois...
C'est terrible comme on peut être distrait!

Au prix où sont les minerais et les métaux, il faudrait mieux laisser le Kivu pendant 20 ans faire de l'agriculture et de l'élevage qui sont bien plus rentables et plus utiles socialement. Pas besoin d'importer à manger et exportations de produits agro-pastoraux à haut rendement et à prix stables.


Anonymous said...

Scape goats do not make history.
A very interesting poll was made recently on Gaza. Only 18 % of people were for Hamas, 12 % for PLO and 62 % were for none. But Israel's war was waged against a minority and the majority had to suffer. This kind of representative democracy in the name of which Joseph Kabila is waging war and is supported by the international community is not worth a dime. If one does not stick to that silent majority one does not have to complain about getting drown. The fish smells from the head. The fish needs water to swimm otherwise it will smell. Our DON on this blog is one of these smelling fishes. He thinks when he cuts Nkundas head, he will live in comfort. If people think hard, they will, as one Congolese said in Kinshasa when Laurent Desiré entered Kinshasa, not bother at all about this so called hero. I was very much astonished when an educated Congolese told me that Joseph Kabila is a kind of Jesus. Dignity in Congo starts when people stop to preach to heroes, they are heroes themselves. The thing Nkunda missed, was to tell the poeple, what strength they have, that there are millions of Nkundas. The government cliques are poor worms with no use, sitting in their comfortable chairs and eating up the fruits of the work of the people and in case this does not work they slaughter the people.

Anonymous said...

"Lubanga trial to test war crimes court
Thomas Lubanaga, the leader of an armed group in the Democratic Republic of Congo, faces trial over the use of child soldiers in the first case to go before the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

The trial is seen as a crucial test for the tribunal, as it tries to establish itself as a means of bringing war criminals to justice."