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I am posting the link and highlighting one comment showing that people understand perfectly Nkunda's cause and understand him actually without having ever met him. So it does not happen only with me haha!

Here is the link, the article is very hostile to him.

But check out the fist comment that I am posting in entirety for those who don't open these links I usually post.

At 25/1/09 10:14 PM, war nerd fan said...
War Nerd MC’s First Man O’ War O’wardz:Well ain’t that nice: Bono got another award. That’s what will help our world be a better and nicer place, Bono getting another award. What makes this one even more sickening than the rest is the name of the award: “Man of Peace.” That’s right: in case any of you had any doubts, on December 16, 2008, a bunch of moldy international moochers got together and officially named Bono this year’s man of peace.There are a lot of people worth hating in this world, but I can’t think of anybody more in need of two bullets in the torso and one in the head than our friend Bono. Or whatever his name is; “Bono” is the name he took when he started his little Christian-classic-rock ensemble U2. I guess it was an homage deal to Sonny and Cher: “Saint Bono, who was martyred by a ski-slope tree.” And the wacky name they gave their band, , U2, like “you too”—how’s that for witty and inclusive at the same time, the kind of humor even liberals can get. These guys were like the wits of the eighties, as you can see. Bono’s boyfriend from their Christian high school renamed himself “The Edge,” which is even funnier. When you think edgy, you sure think of guys like the boys in U2, edgemeisters like Bono who once booked a first-class airline ticket for his cowboy hat.So here’s my contribution to fair and balanced: I’m inaugurating the first annual Man O’ War O’Wardz to commemorate the people who are trying to make the world a better place through war.And I’m dead serious about that. There are times and places when war helps and “peace” hurts. Like the case of the man who gets our first MO’W O’Ward: General Laurent Nkunda, leader of the Tutsi militia in Eastern Congo. Nkunda is not only the coolest-looking guy on the planet, like a praying mantis in human form, he’s probably the most brilliant commander actually working on a front line right now. With as few as 3000 men, he’s in effective control of a huge chunk of Eastern Congo.And he’s doing good by making war. A lot more good than Bono’s doing. Bono’s approach to Africa is to treat Africans like retards who need fulltime care. He wants the West to be Quakery with Africa, forgive them their debts so the sleazy leaders can run up some more billions to spend on estates in Europe. Send them more free food so the birthrate can rise without a hope in Hell of jobs and an infrastructure to support the kids they’re popping out. The idea behind Bono’s plan, if you can even call it an idea, is something like, “They’re so hopeless we have to give them everything and hope for the best.”Now take my man, Laurent Nkunda. He came up out of nowhere, never asked anybody for a thing. Nobody even knows much about him because he’s always played his biographical details very close to the flak vest. He whipped a small Tutsi militia into such fantastic shape that it chased the gigantic robbin’, rapin’ army of Congo right out of the bush. And he did all this while his people, the Tutsi, were being slaughtered all through Rwanda. Nobody helped him or the Tutsi. Not Bono, not nobody. The first time the bleeding hearts got worried about Rwanda, and this is a matter of “historical record” as they say, was when RPF, the Tutsi militia, chased the Hutu genocidaires out of Rwanda with their pangas still dripping Tutsi women and kids’ blood. Then the UN came out in force, with all the free food and sympathy even Bono could ask.The Tutsi didn’t complain. They don’t do complaining. They’re like the Prussians, tall and grim, and just as likely to be wiped out, too. They took back Rwanda and forgave the Hutu murderers.The Tutsi, this little tribal army carved out of the survivors of the worst genocide in decades, kept walking west out of Rwanda and walked into a giant vacuum called “Congo.” The Congo Army was a dirty joke and collapsed when the disciplined Tutsi units approached, and the little army marched all the way to Kinshasa, where the leaders, including Nkunda, were fobbed off with fancy titles while the Kabilas, father and son, went about making the usual sleazy Congo deals with the Katanga rich boys, divvying up the country fresh. Nkunda was promoted to general in the Congo Army in 2004, but as he watched his friends from the bush picked off one by one, framed for treason or other joke crimes and disappeared, he got the idea that Kinshasa wasn’t a healthy place for a real man of war. That kind of peace was too dirty for him.And there was work for a soldier back in eastern Congo. The Hutu genocidaires, those wonderful specimens of humanity who were sulking in the forests there after being forced out of Rwanda before they could finish off “the work” of killing every last Tutsi infant, responded to the Tutsis’ totally unprecedented softness and failure to take revenge by massacring and raping all the Tutsi civilians they could catch in Congo. It was like they decided to franchise Tutsi genocide to their new location.That’s when Nkunda’s little army went in, to flush them out and protect his tribe. By this time Nkunda was commanding Tutsi units that had been “integrated” into the Congo Army, the 81st and 83rd Brigades. His units quit the Congo Army (which is run by and for Katanga mining barons and their tame officers) and fanned out through the bush to scatter the Hutu death squads, who fled without putting up a fight as usual.If it weren’t for Bono and the UN and all the other Good People, the Tutsi would keep marching to victory. They’d carve out their own country in Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern Congo. And it would get rich in a couple of generations, once everyone around learned not to mess with it. And then there’d be actual peace in Central Africa, a kind of peace made by the locals, on local terms that everybody could understand: this is Tutsi country, so behave. We’re tougher and smarter and better-disciplined than you, and we want things productive and calm.Well, that’s a natural, sensible outcome, so the Good People can’t stand the idea and they’ve declared Nkunda a “war criminal” in spite of the fact that the Tutsi forces have shown unbelievable restraint by any standards, never mind Congo standards.As far as I can tell, it’s because Nkunda is a great man that the Good People hate him so much. Bono and his billionaire friends don’t want Prussian Africans. They want basket cases they can get their pictures taken giving handouts to. So excuse me if I say Nkunda, the man of war, is a better man on his own terms and in terms of making a better Africa, than Bono O’Phoney will ever be.
Jeffrey Gettleman from the New York Times (and who seems to hate Nkunda greatly from what he is been writing about him and the CNDP) is playing on the collective imagination of Congolese people. But if you read between the lines you may find some cracks in the vultures' perception of the struggle for freedom represented by Nkunda nad the CNDP! Those cracks are the proof that the vultures fear the Movement is not as dissolved as they wish it was. Read on:


Anonymous said...

Sorry Antoinette, you forgot to mention one main topic, if we could call it like that.
Hutu militias are French
craps that Turquoise expedition dropped in Zaire, now RDC with EU agreement.
The main issue is that weak Rwanda can't behave like Russia in Georgia or China in Tibet.

You also shouldn't forget to mention the Catholic Church for its support and commitment in that venture.

This may explain the Christain Bono's support and others like HRW as Christians to exterminate all Tutsi in that area.
However, since it's quite impossible to split Hutu and Tutsi, that extermination also involves Hutu and even their neighboring Bantu nations.
Here, we should come back to the Pope Nicolas V's Bull Romanus Pontifex, that condamned all Negroes to slavery.
That Bull hasn't been abrogated since!!

The Jeffrery Gettleman's comment is a clear request to kill Nkunda before "he talks". Actually, not to talk against Rwandan authorities but because his presence and testimony at the The Hague could be a disaster for Kabila and the DRC government.

Those Nkunda's enemies are afraid because CNDP is still alive and remains organized even without the supposed Rwandan support and backup.
What is worse is that the Kabila's army is unable to stabilize the whole country even with EU contribution.


Antoinette said...

Thanks, but the long comment isn't actually mine. I posted it without mentionning what it leaves out, but I found it interesting because the guy who wrote it knows very well about those people I call vultures. And he understands perfectly that the international media corporations are on the side of the vultures who pay to keep them lying! I was surprised to find that comment on the TUMEKE blog!

Anonymous said...

From Jeffrey Gttleman, we read this:
But it seems that the Rwandan government abruptly changed its tack, possibly because of the international criticism it has endured for its ties to General Nkunda. Several European countries recently cut aid to Rwanda, sending a strong signal to a poor country that needs outside help. Rwanda may have figured the time was ripe to remove General Nkunda, analysts said.

One of those commanders was Mr. Ntaganda. Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court have accused him of building an army of child soldiers, a war crime.

According those remarks, EU (and its members) is a true dictatorship organization that intervene as intruder in Africa to stop legitimate self defense actions of Rwanda against Hutu militias supported by the RDC government. EU is of course supporting the criminal Kabila's political system. In fact, it has been set up by EU against Congolese citizens.

Then, with the second strange say about child soldiers, we are in trouble because their army managed to defeat DRC adult soldiers! So, what? It's a very strange to blame it!
Once, there were the Amazons, women fighting against Europeans invaders, now we are dealing with children because they do the job when adults are working and looking for food.

It seems that EU NGO don't read their military history and paintings that are coloring their museums and dining rooms. All their armies were using children and women even in front. The all representations of infamous French revolution are showing kids and almost naked women in front of battles.

The last Napoleon's battle Waterloo, among others, didn't miss to use those kids. On all ships kids were enduring the same fate.

What lesson do we retain? The economy and social conditions are always guiding the human resources in use or abuse.
What can Africa adults offer to their youth when they are enduring severe economical live because of Western countries that are invading Africa and are exploiting their resources?


Anonymous said...

This is the reality; Escariot Bosco Ntaganda that had been taken in and looked after by CNDP as their own, was Yoweri Museveni's Mole in CNDP-don't forget that Thomas Lubanga's UPC was Salim Saleh(Yoweri Museveni's Brother) militia. Escariot Bosco Ntaganda was the Chief of Staff of of UPC. Escariot was given $(US)3million to betray his people.

Long live Comandante Laurent Nkunda!!!!!!!!