Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Here is the comment from an anonymous reader:

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Finalement NKUNDA est remplacé ouaouuu! Nous recommendons au Général NDAGANDA d'aider à retrouver la paix aux congolais qui souffrent des caprices des armes! Plz NTAGANDA, fait tout pour ramener la paix au Congo par la négociation et non les armes, Que Dieu aide la RDC et les congolais!!!
05 January 2009 19:46

Here goes my comment, no time for more at the moment but we´ll get back to the issue.

La source de ce lecteur est la même que celle du journal de Jaynet Kabila. C'est faux, il n'y a pas de changement de chairmanship pour l'instant. Nous verrons bien si les paparazzi de Kin croient que Ntaganda sera plus facilement cueilli par la CPI en devenant le chef du CNDP... Get back to
this soon!

I'd promised we'll come back to this. Before I leave my desk, here goes an update:

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Anonymous said...

Dear all,
I think what what happened yesterday in the CNDP leadership is some thing that every body who likes the congolese people in general and the Tutsi in particular should commend. Though Nkunda has had success to show to the world that his battle aimed at fighting for the rights of the congolese people, the real motives of his actions was to make maney out the blood of young and courageaous combattant who have in their mind while fighting that they are fighting for the rights of the people of Congo.
Let me make a short analysis on what Nkunda Has done so far
01. In December2006- January 2007, he was sent a helicopter to lift him from Masisi and take him to Kigali for negociations with governments envoy in the person of Numbi, the then chief of congolese air force. Nkunda left with a heavy delegation made of civilians and soldiers that he had chosen himself. Upon arrival in Kigali, he changed the approch and "negociated" alone. At the end of negociations, he never secured any written agreement, was it because the issue at stake was an eseay one? was it because the blood of the soldiers died in Kimoka,sake and else where had no value for him?
As that was not enough, he is trying to sabotage the Nairobi peace talks.
How can a reasonable leader of an armed group claim to negociate the content of contracts signed between a government and its partners in business?( CHINESE CONTRACTS)
How can he try to impose the people that he wants to be part of DRC government delegation?
I think we should be very reasonable, we have serious issues of concern, we should put them forward, otherwise time for jokers like Laurent Nkunda who believe in prophecy that they will be a head of state is over.
May peace prevail in our country