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He is commenting on "L'Ambition de Ntaganda. Une certaine schizophrénie?". A very interesting assessment!

If Ntaganda is serious with what he said, he is either a poor guy who lost his mind, or someone who is under pressure. We should suppose he is more liable to the second situation because of the present issues and the very long and hard elapsed period experienced by him and his fellows.In all means and all situations, he isn't at all in the right place at this particularly time though he could be a good soldier even if he may be right when arguing like he did.A third possibility, difficult to believe, is that he is working as a mercenary and not as a good patriot who is not concerned by the future of his humanity as a whole.The main problem is that he endangered the whole process of peace talks and of the CNDP structure if not its existence. At least, he could adopt some reserve on his behalf and by keeping it privately.With this case, it is possible that some CNDP members are behaving with a short-sighted assessment of the present situation and its evolution.They may use a pathetic and optimistic expectation on DRC main issues. The reason for this attitude may be due to some advocacy coming from some people in Kinshasa.This is resulting from a classic feeling and behavior for someone, deeply exhausted, who has a mirage vision in the desert when being thirsty he sees an oasis; or when he is exhaustedly tired and dreams sleeping in a very comfortable bed with soft music surounding him.This also can be seen as an anticipated reaction for some expected, actually wished and wanted, coming soon good event.The Ntaganda's case seems like a kind of Schizophrenia because of loosing trusty contacts with other colleagues or with the chiefs. the only way to settle this breach is by establishing more tight relations between CNDP members, at least inside of each organizational level.Here, we can think that Ntaganda, the high rank/grade officer, wasn't associated enough, as for him, to the CNDP solutions: assessments and decisions. At least, there is a very dangerous lack of fair and good communication and transparency among high rank CNDP members.This classic case is a situation of high vulnerability for its easy way of intoxication from the enemy.It breaks soon or later trusted relations between members of any organization.This case can also be due to a lack of wiseness from older experienced persons to settle biased situations and human relations. This is typical and can be traced in all mammalian societies.In the countries around lake Kivu, there were some ancient organizations like Ubwiru to manage and advice wisely.Bagambiki.
10 January 2009 23:29

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If you want to fight a sickness you have to find the apropiate medicine. This is the dialectic of nature. You can obey to this or let it be. This up to the people confronted to the sickness.The sickness in society as seen in Congo and so well described by DON on this blog has to be faced with specific methods. Not at all do methods holy the aim. All will turn back to the outcome. There are no receipts and ready medicine for these problems, and no wise hints even from me to solve the problem. The only solution is to start a massive brainstorm by people to put the question, how do we proceed? I am convinced once the wisdom of the masses is mobilized, none of these personalities whoever has to fear something if he listens carefully to the masses attempts to learn from them and declares his love for them. This vision is strange, perhaps causes pain to same lonely leader but at last gaint victories will come as history has prooven.