Tuesday, 27 January 2009


It's titled kleptocracy in DRC


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Le 15 janvier 2009 le haut commandement militaire du CNDP est convié à une réunion à Gisenyi pour préparer les opérations conjointes contre les FDLR. A Gisenyi, les officiers sont obligés de signer un communiqué de fin de guerre. Les officiers refusent malgré la pression de signer le document et sur demande du chairman ils signent le communiqué amendé dans lequel l'armée du CNDP s'engageait à mettre fin à la guerre. Quelques jours après la signature du communiqué dit de Goma, l'armée rwandaise entre au Congo avec comme mission de traquer les FDLR. Depuis mardi 20 janvier 2009 des bataillons rwandais accompagnent les FARDC dans les seuls territoires congolais, ceux contrôlés par le CNDP qui ne contiennent pas des FDLR. Mercredi 21 janvier 2009 le chairman est convié dans une réunion préparatoire des opérations contre les FDLR et Jeudi 22 janvier 2009, les autorités rwandaises lui informent qu'il est aux arrêts sans que des griefs lui soient communiqués.

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Well! That's it!
Nkunda is gone and now criticisms of the DRC good governance can go on.

Amazing enough, nobody thinks that the so called democratic elect Kabila's regime is the result of EU monitoring that prepared and organized every thing and with all details.
So, what is wrong?
I am afraid nobody is aware of that biased situation. But why did they produce such bad, ugly political system? Is it because they don't know any better system any thing better or because they wanted it like that?

Here, it's obvious we can't blame at all Congolese citizens since they were not able to decide by themselves for free and fair elections. Kabila came as the sole and only president.

The results are according EU Architects work and not Congolese lack of wiseness.

Actually, since Leopold the II, that land belongs to some companies and some of them are Belgian Monarch's properties. There is no medium social class as such. All properties and funds are in some few people and companies. The low class relies on the civil society which is entertained and nourished by that power.

Religions are on the rich side ...

What is worse, all members of the Berlin Conference have a share and a free entry in RD of Congo.
"Before independence equals after independence", said one day a high Belgian Officer of the Force Publique. Till now, that's how the situation is.
Son don't dream for a well-off of the common citizen, one day!


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MONUC is willing to play now with others.
They are completely workless and looking for a job.
They tried some baby-sitting by taking care of child soldiers but they turn around and failed to catch any single one!!
It's a rude recession also in UN manpower: 17 thousands people waiting for hiring!!


This is to say everything was a void mission for false problems just to disturb a country that was put in fallow since 1965.


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Have a look on how some French are preparing the next generation of the Black War, using his enemies to conquer Kivu and around.


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Rwanda, January 26, 2009

”Release Major-General Laurent Nkunda MIHIGO”, was one of the main message of Congolese living in refugee camps in Byumba and Kibuye on Sunday January 25, 2009. In fact, more than 45,000 Congolese gathered in their camps in Byumba and Kibuye (Rwanda) for a peaceful march and a strong message to the Rwandan government, asking for the unconditional release of General Laurent Nkunda Mihigo was sent out.

In chanting the slogan of the day,''Release our Leader, we ask for our Leader'', the demonstrators from the Byumba camp, escorted by the police and the army gathered in their game plot before walking around the whole camp to express their dissatisfaction against the Government of Rwanda after the arrest of Major-General Laurent Nkunda Mihigo.

On the signs, it was writen:''We condemn the arbitrary arrest of Major General Laurent Nkunda”, “we have lost the hope of returning home '' and “ We denounce all the traitors of the nation; allies of the evil forces”. The peaceful march started at 11.00, was covered by some foreign media and ended at 15:00 without incident.

However, in Kibuye, the peaceful march started at 8:00 but was disrupted by a Police Officer who wanted to arrest a demonstrator. A fight between demonstrators and the police followed, the latter shot into the crowd injuring a girl in the arm. According to preliminary information, the girl was between life and death.
The angry demontrators beat the Police Officer who was also in a deplorable state. The refugees’ anger continued until evening, when they burned all the houses of policemen guarding the camp. The Rwandan army intervened and several arrests are reported.

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Does ALJAZEERA love Nkunda? Acording to their advertise it seems so. Now let us wait and see if they report about revolution in Rwanda against Kagame of supporters of Nkunda in Byumba and Kibuye (Rwanda)and if there will be another Gaza.
Time has elapsed for autocrats!

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I don't think the Gaza tragedy can happen in Rwanda but in Congo. That time is over fortunately unless, of course, French is back in the area.
We should be aware of that possibility.


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29.01.2009 10:39
There should be no illusions about Kagames concentration camps or that of Joseph Kabila in Goma.
The way how the sick in power deal with social problems are all the same around the globe. They have no way out.
So it is up the suffering people to protect themselves if they are not be subject to extermination. This was the case in Auschwitz, in Gaza these times.
If UN feeds the poor for sake of relief this does not change anything.
In Gaza even UN was subject to extermination. Does UN throw out Israel? Of course not. No embargo on weapons for Israel, nothing. In contrary the method to blame the victims continues without interuption.
This was the reason why in Kivanja MONUC looked aside and blamed Nkunda for bloodshed.
The climate of injustice was the base to arrest Nkunda, to fulfill his scape goat role.
As long as UN and ICC have two eyes closed on Joseph Kabila's blood at his hands and try to save their false policy this business will continue.
It is no use dealing with gossip around some sick head of states or their false dioplomacy, it is of no effect.
Far more interesting is how the world on fire touches them. The revolution of hunger makes them get into trouble nearly everywhere now. In Iceland the people chased away government. The state is bankrupt. What is the difference to Rwanda? None. And in Kinshasa, how happy is the slum which according to Joseph Kabila does not exist.
Things that have be thought of.