Sunday, 11 January 2009



Taking care not staying behind the events. We face on international scale some changes we have to face properly, otherwise we might land in the dustbin of history. There are some people who think to solve problems of today with ideas from yesterday. Of course that would not work. And if one has to go ahead with struggle they propose to stop. This is quite normal and eminent to the problem. But usually when victory is at sight those people try to draw things back. This is because they lack sight. It is useless to dwell on such matters and the best idea is to clean body from those remains. We must never forget when building new society, these old remains will again and again try regain the stage hoping to establish the old society. But they make one essential mistake, they ignore the will of the majority of the poeple and their wishes. If one sticks faithful and with love to the people one never makes a mistake. But all the reactionairies who forget this emerge to autocrats. The trouble is these times shows us that autocrats all over the world have big trouble but the freedom love of the poeple is getting bigger and bigger. It is up to everyone to decide, which side are you on.


Anonymous said...

Well, motivation for live is what push and pull our hearts to go forward or either backward.

The ideas from yesterday are what we call experience. Now, what do we do with it when facing new events and issues? And what analysis do we achieve to resolve new problems?

As says a Rwandan tell, the road isn't the messenger or the truth that tells or reveals you which way to go even where you are. Everybody needs to rely on memory, on information and on the capacity of analysis of objects, of thoughts and of behaviors.

This is what we may call the process and the inductive activity of family, society and groups of friends or colleagues, associations, etc.
Surprisingly enough, even religion is entangling people in obsolete, aged solutions for unrelated and new issues!!!
New ways or tracks aren't easy to find and to use. We need experienced leaders, thus old, and what we call think-tanks or Brain storming processes.
The Master of all this is information management: building, exchange and dispatch, etc.
For instance, you can't manage security without information.

This is, Congolese have to find their way for their problems. And I believe that many of the solutions could be found in their past history and from ideas of yesterday.
Today situation is due, somewhere, to the bad management of the past. Learning it and improving it can help so much on new solutions.

For instance, being able to place the European historical influence in Congo will give enough information on the present political outcomes.

This is because any new discovery is mostly from a kind of paradigmatic analysis process of the past and present assets.
It's impossible, utopia and nonsense to try draining and cleaning your body from remains.
Otherwise, no archeology and parent memory will survive and be necessary.


Anonymous said...

What I mean is to look in the future with a mirror. This means not to consider where we came from, so we do not know where to go. This process can also be called religion. Since 500 years Africa has been devastated by missionairies from Europe. They have destroyed African culture. We deal matters in English language mostly around the world. It is a remain of British colonialism.It would be stupid to throw away possibility of comunication, specially that of internet like here. This is the biggest chance in mankind to understand each other. So nolonger some criminal state like that Israel at the moment or that criminal of Kinshasa can survive. This moral cleansing is undergoing a very fast process. Against propaganda of governments the truth races around the world and they have to consider the truth. See how this figure George Whisky Bush has become a lame duck.