Friday, 19 December 2008


Il y a quelques passages qui prêtent à confusion, mais il vaut la peine de lire quelques vérités dites sans détours par l'auteur de l'article ci-après:

Ce qui se passe à Nairobi si l'on en croit la Radio Onusienne (le fait d'être onusienne la rend ipso facto partiale, elle pourrait être appelée radio kabiliste, c'est du pareil au même), confirme la perception du journaliste de Congoindépendant. L'obstination du gouvernement congolais emportera se pays dans la pire des galères. Pour résoudre le conflit le gouvernement congolais est prêt à impliquer des étrangers, cfr les forces européennes que les ONGs continuent de réclamer. Mais il n'est pas prêt à engager les institutions soi-disant démocratiques du pays. Pour Kabila et les congolais, Malu Malu suffit pour ramener la paix? Non. Mais le problème est ailleurs. Les parrains du régimes veulent tenir le pays dans un bourbier. Une rumeur court sur internet faisant état des propos d'un ancien diplomate allemand qui aurait averti que pour réussir à imposer une tutelle sur la RDC, les parrains étaient prêts à contribuer à perpétuer le conflit, faire intervenir de soi-disant sages africains pour donner l'apparence d'une africanité de la solution, etc... La semaine dernière nous avons vu le volte face d'Olosegun Obasanjo qui a tout arrêté, la chevauchée de Louis Michel en catastrophe, le rapport de pacotille de l'ONU, un voyage d'Obsanjo à New York, coincidant comme par hasard avec un voyage de Solana (?) Et maintenant, cette obstination du camp gouvernemental à Nairobi!

  • CNDP-gouvernement : le débat sur le cessez-le-feu renvoyé à ce vendredi
    Afrique 19 Décembre 2008 à 07:53:01

    Les discussions sur le cessez-le-feu dont la signature était en principe attendue jeudi entre les délégations gouvernementale et du CNDP, ont été suspendues par la facilitation et renvoyées à ce vendredi. Ces discussions ont achoppé jeudi, entre les deux parties, sur l’exigence du mouvement de Laurent Nkunda de voir être appelés à la table des négociations, comme co-facilitateurs ou observateurs, les présidents de deux chambres du Parlement, l’AMP et l’opposition, rapporte

    Le CNDP a laissé tomber sa première exigence qui était celle de voir les négociations de Nairobi englober la crise globale du pays. Réalisme oblige, sa délégation accepte de rester dans le mandat qui a été confié à la facilitation, celui de résoudre la crise sécuritaire et humanitaire dans le Kivu. Cependant, pour la suite du débat et avant la signature d’un nouvel accord avec le gouvernement, les délégués du Congrès national pour la défense du peuple exigent la présence de Vital Kamerhe et de Léon Kengo wa Dondo, respectivement présidents de l’Assemblée nationale et du Sénat, ainsi que celles des délégués de la majorité présidentielle (AMP) et de l’opposition politique. Une façon, estime le CNDP, de légitimer le prochain accord qu’il va signer avec le gouvernement. Cet accord devant impliquer, selon ce mouvement, le vote de certaines lois, il y a donc nécessité que le Parlement s’imprègnent dès le départ, de l’esprit et de la lettre du futur accord. Cette vision n’est pas partagée par la délégation de Kinshasa. Le gouvernement est le seul à engager le pays face à ceux qui ont pris les armes, a-t-elle rétorqué pour sa part. Les deux parties sont restées campées sur leurs positions, et la facilitation qui aurait été irritée par l’insistance du CNDP sur son exigence, a ainsi suspendu les discussions et les a renvoyées à ce vendredi. Notons que la séance de jeudi a été présidée par Benjamin Mpaka, ancien président tanzanien, et émissaire de l’Union africaine dans la crise du Nord-Kivu.
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  • Watch out for what comes next!


Anonymous said...

When trying to negotiate in Nairobi one must remember one important thing. This serves to save political life of Joseph Kabila. Infected by Asian flu, he has created a bankrupt state managed by UN occupation in Congo only based on military boots. But beeing too weak to fulfill even this task, UN carries it's sick baby to the cradle in Nairobi. All these efforts seem to have frustrated Obosanjo, so he left the site. And the other adversaires runnung around there, what do they want? It would be useful to teach them that it would better to deal about unconditional surrender than about bankrupcy. UN wants to
decrease Congo conflict to CNDP problem, continue to scape goat Nkunda. It is not the problem of white wash Nkunda, try to gain some points in diplomatic game but to unmask the shameful role of UN in Africa specially Congo. For this again one must compare the politics of Swedish Dag Hammarskjöld UN general secretarary, Kofi with his Swedish wife and now Ban Ki Mon. As said above the Asian flu is widely spread and crisis in China does not stop at boarders. It would be fatal to drop in this trap.

Anonymous said...

Good gone L?
But why CNDP asked for or accepted those negotiations?
Was it for transforming the negative picture of the disaster in a true color situation of Kabila's regime?
Or, to delay a while and to get enough time explaining the situation to the nation?
If not to harass its enemy as much as it could be with embarrassing talks?
Maybe all of that and much more ...

However, I see you forgot the awfullest and ugliest general secretary ever sat in UNO and, I named Boutros Boutros Ghali (I spell him as "Imbuto n'Inkali z'impyisi"(hyena urine).
He is the one who managed with his French and Belgian friends to kill more than 1.3 million Rwandans (Tutsi & Hutu + 90% of poor Twa), to send 2.5 millions refugees (reputed Hutu) around (DRC, Tanzania, Uganda and further) and, with his successor, Kofi Anan, to enable the terrific war in DRC that wiped out 5 millions Congolese (according many NGO's and UN estimates). Till now, the problem remains unchanged with FDLR rearming to attack RWANDA and to finish the initiated job of Tutsi genocide under UN and Western humanitarians help and assistance in DRC.

For who UN is running since it has no clear objectives as far as things are happening? The reply is clear enough, for the one who pays and accept to monitor all. Therefore, UN is a true mercenary organization but for some countries. See how Russia had to use its own forces in Georgia and France wished to hire UNO. I caught that some EU members refused to play that game in DRC.

Let's say that the Swedish Dag Hammarskjöld UN general secretarary was killed because he stopped the Belgian dream of balkanizing Congo with Katanga and Kasai independences for minerals. He acted under USA request, I presume.

Accordingly, all subsequent events in the great lakes region are linked to the Congo independence and the resolutions of Berlin Conference without forgetting hidden agendas of those forces that monitor the UNO in its way of processing and doing.

Many Congolese, surprisingly mostly educated and believed nationalists, have a very bad understanding of their political and social issues/situations to make their own opinion since they are relying on third party information and ideas, the worse that could be for them.

The main issue is those intellectuals that are locked to the French culture and opinion instead of thinking Congolese and also African.
Another problem is Mobutu's legacy that poisoned the political live for tens years till this day and tomorrow. Some Congolese can't accept that a Mundande, a Munyarwanda or a Kalunda have also their relatives over the Congo border and aren't obliged to obey to Kengo or anybody far from their region.

Almost all Congolese don't know the true history of Congo since it's under Belgian-French management and survey.
For instance in the CongoIndependent article, there is a big gap to understand what is really Congo. The writer missed, unwillingly probably, the Zairian military intervention in Rwanda in October 1990 with Baramoto's DSP and Mahele's commandos. With that event, it's clear that Congo is still under slavery and colony status till now. Joseph Mobutu or Joseph Kabila are alike and proceed from the same church.


Anonymous said...

Bagambiki, I completely agree on you. I was lucky during my stay to get aquainted with Bantu logik which was a means of Belges to make ideas and thought of Congolese rediculous. But I for my part part learnt to think Congolese. Of course those western educated individiuals have thrown away their heads and the prototype is DON. Unable to get fixed the easiest problem they take AK47 and prefer bloodthirst. It is a question of culture. Long before those damned missionaries invaded Congo there was high level of culture with prosperity and wealth. But then came Mobutu and discovered Zaire. It is useful to know that this was a means of US counterinsurgency to deceive Congolese. But now the snake has changed its skin. Joseph Kabila took over the Chinese cat and continues the old game. As it seems in vain. All these prophets of freedom and democracy are very useless for Congolese people because it is a foreign and very unpatriotic ideology. So it means to come back to the roots, ask oneself how on earth prosperity and wealth could have governed Congo instead of this rediculous regimes carnival type. The most outstanding show we have now to watch in Zimbabwe with this chretin Mugabe. Yes, Zimbabwe is his own, the big landlord in possession of empty fields. He confuses the
meals with soil.
The revolution in Africa starts at a quite different angle. It seems when president of Senegal said that in 6 years the country will nolonger import food from Europe he related on his companion from FAO, who said that this organization is uselss. But our dear Joseph Kabila boasted that he would cut import taxes on food because he fears revolution of hungry in slum of Kinshasa. That is fundamental difference on politics.
The solution means shamba power as to put it simply in that Bantu logic. In the meaddows of Kivu amidst Laurent Nkunda are cattle grazing peacefully . You see hungry Kabila mercenairies trying to steal cattle and make money with blood beef. The whole world complains if cattle thieves are punished and blame Laurent Nkunda for doing this. We watch a dangerous complicity, an international of thieves trying to impose morale of their own standards to Congo by UN. This morale with it's human rights and attached hypocrisy is not worth a dime because it's architecture has so many outdoors which enables Rwanda genocide or Sebrenica massacre. I know what I am talking about.