Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Lambert Mende défend l'incapacité notoire des FARDC à s'acquitter de leur tache, mais tenez-vous bien c'est pour justifier que les armées ougandaises et soudanaises ont reçu le feu vert pour opérer sur le sol congolais aussi longtemps que nécessaire pour déloger la LRA. Personne ne le lui fait dire...

Très intéressante analyse rapportée par l'Obsac sur une crise congolaise "plus discrète", mais bien plus préoccupante que la rebellion du CNDP. Lisez l'article en entier ci-bas.

Good news, but be ware, the hidden cost and/or agenda must be big: http://www.radiookapi.net/index.php?i=53&l=0&c=0&a=21423&da=&hi=0&of=2&s=&m=2&k=0&r=all&sc=0&id_a=0&ar=0&br=qst


Anonymous said...

Pour l'article de l'Obsac, il ne faut s'en faire tonton Michel est là et va apporter de quoi manger et boire.
Soki Tata enfin Noko aye, nzara esili ...

Mais sans le grand Kivu (nord et sud) que va manger Kin et les autres ville et sans le sou pour importer?
Ooh! j'allais oublier les montagnes de vieilles poules équarries, style Wilki etc, qui viendront des rébus de l'UE pour les bougnes rapaces.
en fait, elles ne sont plus autorisées à être données au bétail de l'EU car contaminées par des maladies diverses ...

Mais Kinshasa vaut bien une moambe au Wilki, n'est-ce pas? ...

Enfin je tenais ces propos pour me donner du courage car les nouvelles de l'OBSAC sont très malheureusement très mauvaises (excusez du double très) pour la population congolaise et de l'Afrique sous perfusion alimentaire de l'économie européenne.

Alors que le Congo pourrait nourrir toute l'Afrique de l'équateur au sud, il est entrain de crever de faim et de misère. Que vont faire les rapaces d'envahisseurs? Ils vont se ramener encore avec leurs humanitaires et se sera la totale.

S'ils l'avaient fait exprès, ils ne l'auraient pas fait autrement, Michel avec ses sponsors de la haute finance et al.

Bagambiki (SeRugamba)

Anonymous said...

Le commencement du debut de la fin de Nkunda


Antoinette said...

Wishiful thinking, you bet!!!

Anonymous said...

Nkunda is another pace toward Africa freedom.

Congo is endangered more than ever with today events. The country is seized in jaws by the tandem of the puppet Kabila with Ban-ki-Moon +kuchner+ Michel's + de gucht+ de decker + etc when the Congolese people are believing those angels from hell are working on their salvation!
Though, I am confident Congolese soon or later will recover their true independence, I am wondering at what price and human burden that will be?
Loosing again 5 millions lives or more? No! Time is over for such harassment and disastrous situation because of EU, actually France and Belgium, backing the roaming FDLR in Congo.

That French score is not sole but a historical pace of blood in Viet-Nam, Algeria, Malagasy, Cameron, Rwanda, Congo-Brazza, Zaire-Congo and now again in DRC.
The French touch was a must in the 25 year Angola war, in South Africa apartheid period and even now with obvious friendship between France and RSA.

The whole French West Africa is an economic cemetery and a complete Sahel for soon.

The last experience of France in Rwanda in the 1972-1994 period is self explanatory.
Well, let's agree French people are really more clever than other Europeans. Their psy science and skills are really powerful. They lost wars 4 times against Germany but managed to be the end winners!! USA and GB paid for France even when it was Fascist of first category. They lost war in Viet-Nam but it's USA again that paid the bill for them!! Really, surprising.

Now in Rwanda and in Congo, they managed to destroy Tutsi and Hutu with only one sole strike killing more than 1 million people plus 2,5 million refugees and exported war in Zaire-Congo that killed 5 millions lives. The French is a good Billiards player for sure: with one ball, and they blow 7 millions Africans (Rwanda, Burundi, DRC and Congo Brazza).
Things are still going on with as they say: La France est la première fille de l'Eglise. For now, who is paying the bills? EU, of course but not Italians ...

Rwandans know quite well they aren't "uber menchen" but common Bantu from one of the most common but powerful nations pertaining to the big Africa continent.
As such, they will fight together with their neighbor and fellow nations to free Africa from those invading vultures.
For sure, they will endeavor destroying any organization that or any individual who will attempt to put them in slavery.
Their score is already high and trustful. Maybe, they will succeed where other failed...


Anonymous said...

I agree Bagambiki. Well said. If fredom force of Africa unites, then it is the end with this damned colonialism. The thing is, it is neither good for Africa nor for Europe except for those minorities of capitalists with their parasite economy. There is no free trade between these continents. Everything goes cheap from Africa to Europe and comes back expensive. Just now happens the most awful game at the coast of Somalia. Canon boats come and attempt to protect their trade ships but also the theft of fish by big fisherboats from Europe and China. The result is hunger in Somalia.
Instead of bringing good fisherboats to Somalia and let them sell their fish, they are condemned to hunger. That is the truth of the international community and their war against hunger. Ban Ki Mon blessed this aggression against Somalia.