Wednesday, 17 December 2008


I found this just by accident while looking for something else. I liked the title "UN TURNS DRC INTO AN ELDORADO FOR WESTERN NGOs", because the author seems to think like me that the whole conflict in the DRC is about a conspiration of "Vultures". He lists them nicely as neocolonialists "OXFAM, UNICEF, WORLD VISION,...". I'd add ICG, HRW etc. It's a bit strong but this is the tough reality! Read on:


Anonymous said...

Le commencement du debut de la fin de Nkunda

Anonymous said...

As far as I understand and see Nkunda, his main concern is to please his fellow patriots and to keep his objectives on track.
He likes also to be with his family and to keep his job and place among his troops.
That's why he is not relying on remote aid like those NGO's that are cash mongers by using Congolese people from Kivu.

You only can give, hand someone else, what you have by yourself, in your hands.
For those NGO's, the main concern is themselves and not at all those IDPs.

Now, if we compare Kabila and Nkunda, we remark one big and amazing difference.

The first has nothing by himself. Everything he is supposed to own is from his sponsors, the real and true owners. He is neither renting those things because he has no own cash to pay. He received it from his donors.
At once, they can sack or kill him without prior notification.
Kabange has no true and sentimental links to the country.
So, you can't trust him and give him something to manage when he is enable to do it for himself.
I don't blame Kabila, he didn't really receive so much and needed more education and better human understanding.

The second, Nkunda, is a self made man. He got fair good education. His situation is due to himself and know-how. Most of things he owns are from his work and activity.
He is rewarded for what he really deserves.
You can trust him for what he proved he can do.
Nkunda is a true child of Kivu, his live is embedded in those hills and valleys of east of Congo. Being smart, he understand better the country issues than Kabila does.

Now, we should admit that it's time for change in Africa and particularly in DRC. This is due for fostering African countries alliance for a new era of welfare.


Anonymous said...

Dream on dreamer!

Nkunda will never be the next president of DRC, the guy is not even Congolese. we don't Nkunda nor Kabila, we want true mwana mboka nor former FPR.

Anonymous said...

To the dreamer

I don't know who you are but maybe Congolese.
From where? I neither don't know but by guessing with your "mwana mboka", from the Far West Equator region which means nothing for East and South regions, where live the majority of DRC population.
I think the minimum available link between those two remote parts is the Mongo-Tetela-Luba domain.

What I know about you, you don't know so much about DRC geography neither its history or its human dimension. Remember, DRC isn't only minerals and jungle as you may think.
This also is a very big lack in your culture as you lack common sense in analyzing the DRC political situation.

Kabila and Nkunda are sharing some features, at least for being ordinary Officers of the DRC "crazy" army and coming from East regions.

The first was compelled to be president by the Belgian Michel after they killed his father. Actually as I think, he didn't apply to be president. He was the least bad solution since nobody else could take over for those vultures that are now monitoring DRC.

The second was also compelled to initiate a long struggle to change that bad situation of selling his country for nuts and to destroy the Kivu regions including all Tutsi for the sake of FDLR and minerals.
I posted another clear explanation on how, in less than one year, France-Belgium-Netherlands-Vatican Axis and some others managed to exterminate more than 8 millions people (including more than 1 million Tutsi) in 5 African countries with a "beautiful" strike of one bowling (or billiards) ball by initiating the Hutu-Tutsi conflict as a booster.
Actually, this makes me think about nuclear bomb core systems.
On 17 December 2008 19:30

Well, not so bad for such satanic but efficient way of killing Africans. Yes, quicker than SIDA and other similar laboratory diseases can't be.
Bagosora and his fellows (poor guys) may really be happy and proud of their finding because they gave a good alibi and cache to that French knowhow.

Sorry for you, the dreamer, the present problem is not to tell who will be the next DRC president.
Congolese still aren't allowed to enjoy that freedom in their own country, but to "vote" for Michel's candidate.
There still is a long way before you reach that point since you are a simple "minus habens".

Even Mobutu, a man arrived from nowhere (maybe Centre Afrique) was named by the Belgian government.
This is why Nkunda's program bears fundamental and sustainable hope and objectives.


Anonymous said...

Dream on, dreamer!

Good luck!for your "fundamental and sustainable hope and objectives.
I am not from Equateur but I am a true Congolese who knows his country's history so well that no one, especially Rwandese will not foul. Belgians know that Congolese will never be foul again, Kabila another had his chance "Chance eloko pamba" but another Rwandese will not be so lucky trust me! I am a true "mwana mboka.
We don't want another former FPR ever.

Anonymous said...

Dream on, dreamer!

Another factor that Nkunda will never be DRC's president is that he is a war criminal. carry on dreaming dreameeer!

Anonymous said...

God only knows if Nkunda will be president or not. Who knew Obama will be elected president of the USA one year ago? Those racists as you are, were and will be defeated like Philistines at Jericho.

Actually, the main objective is first to get rid of those vultures and to free Africa for ever.
For me, Nkunda is one of those freedom fighters of new Africa. He is one of the few Congolese who dared to stand up and to fight for his rights. Thank you Bob Marley ...

It's time slavery and colonialism are banished from Africa. Africa don't need any help from Europe or America and even Asia if it is to suck African blood.

The next president of DRC could be anybody from anywhere in DRC, including from Kivu, being Nkunda or somebody else.

Enough is enough: EU and its sub-systems have to go home and stay there. Beside they don't willingly accept African migration to EU, so why do we have to accept Louis Michel govern DRC through Kabila's masquerade. Let's that soon he even will push Congolese out the country to settle his Chinese friends who have huge hares in FORTIS bank.
Worse, those humanitarians are destroying our country day by day.

Si vis pacem, para bellum

If I dare sketching the French attack beginning in Rwanda in 1973 and that propagated in Zaire-Congo in 1994, then in Congo Brazza in 1997 to meet the Angola long 25 year war, I would say that the impact of that wave produced a replication with a strong boomerang effect that freed Rwanda and smashed Mobutu's regime.

Of course, so many Congolese don't realize or understand how Kabila is hopeless and illegal by having been created by the EU. This is an external power that has nothing to do in DRC and can't solve willingly all Congolese problems.
Kabila's has no foundation at all, as he is proceeding from some artificial power given by the EU.
Surprisingly, Nkunda has the only power to face Kabila's disaster from EU and the International Community.


Anonymous said...

Carry on dreaming, dreamer; mind you, Congo is not a place to play your lottery game. Believe me anybody can become president except Nkunda, he is a slaughter man and his hands are full of Congolese blood beside these, he is Rwandan we do not want him. Allez oust!