Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!
Le grand espoir de Karel de Gutcht, c'est que ses congénères européens lui accordent la force de relai que Ban Ki Mooon lui a demandée. Mais il y a quand même lieu de douter si elle se materialisera!

C'est probablement le nouveau mandat de la Monuc qui lui donne cet espoir. Intéressant de voir que la résolution spécifie cette fois-ci que la Monuc doit assister le Gouvernement, pas l'armée. C'est-à-dire qu'à l'ONU on continue à caresser l'idée de poursuivre la guerre!

Il y a des gens qui ont l'art de parler trop pour ne rien dire. Et c'est cela qui perd le monde sous-développé!


Anonymous said...

Lessons from Zimbabwe must be drawn. Resuming the last events and the scramble on power show that on the base of European type governement nothing proceeds. This can also be seen with Nairobi talks. Is it a question about rivalry between Laurent Nkunda and Joseph Kabila? It would be very easy if it would be like that. Neither Nkunda or Kabila are god. How quickly this belief falls to ashes has shown us how the emperor of the world has been dismantled by a pair of shoes. And this process continues with the new emperor Obana. His rise was due to his objection of Iraki war. But not so long ago he damanded more troops to Afghanistan. Laurent Nkunda recently stated that he has no ambitions for president of Congo. This is true revolution. So his battle is no putsch. This in contrast to all these Obosanjos and others. But what then?
Hunger and misery in Africa cannot be driven away with military boot but with shamba power with rifle in one hand and hoe in the other.
Uele, uele, manima makasi.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year en tuant les gens!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's say it loud, the International community (actually the EU lobby with maybe USA and subsidiary China) want to squeeze and lock Nkunda and CNDP in a narrow role of only defending the Tutsi community that is the less concern for those international organizations. They don't really care about Tutsi as they didn't in Rwanda from 1959 up to now.

This is probably what Obasanjo received from UNO for instructions and the sole position he was commanded to take during the Nairobi talks. Obasanjo's behavior is normal, he is a (Nigerian) soldier and he will be paid for what he will achieve.

The purpose is double: keeping Nkunda in his narrow position and to avoid raising unpleasant questions about Kabila's disastrous results on security and mostly on economic issues.

Since CNDP grew in a true and strong national Congolese resistance force, it can now play another kind of struggle. Actually, its true objective should be to put the Kabila's regime on public trial by revealing all its failures.
This could be intended to force Kabila to resign (unthinkable of course for Commissioner Michel and his evil axis) or to overhaul everything, which is quite impossible. Some possibility remains to remove this issue by removing Kabila like they did it with his father.

The delegations are definitely in a very dangerous process with a dead lock at the end that could result in a heavy war.
Kabila is unable to address the FDLR issue though there were talks and agreements between Congo and Rwanda Ministers of Foreign Affairs. He was unable to start any of the five objectives and challenges he fixed with his government to rehabilitate the country. It's a complete failure and disaster.

The Congolese people are in a deep disappointment for what they were promised by Michel and the evil axis to promote Kabila. They were hoping for a better live to fill the gap of a long period of despair and complete abandonment.

But till now, almost no region in DRC is self sufficient and needs to rely on Kinshasa for all.
Surprisingly, some politicians are aware of their failures but are unable to take right decisions.

The remaining solution should come from an alliance of all positive forces in Congo to join Nkunda and the CNDP to build a new political force. This is the only and easiest possibility to get rid of the Evil Axis and all negative foreign forces that are destroying Congo.
A push from other African countries could make things much more easy and workable. Congolese people deserve it. The nation is entangled in a very strong net of the Belgo-French-EU Evil Axis and is badly suffering.

Anonymous said...

Who talks about pygmies suffereing from genocide due to tropical wood theft and destroying their life base by Joseph Kabila between Kisangani and Bunia? As Pygmies are not represented in UN they are non existent. They live like underdogs.
The champions of human right fighters and watchers have no voice for them. I really hope that Willy Loyombo does not end like Chico Mendes in Brazil. The recent double tongue language about them of Joseph Kabila fans nourishes the suspicion that they will be victim to Joseph Kabila's ethnic cleansing.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic logic of Alan Doss. It reads in Congo Times: Le chef de la mission de l'ONU en République démocratique du Congo (RDC), Alan Doss, a demandé au chef rebelle congolais Laurent Nkunda de mettre fin aux exactions commises par ses hommes dans l'est du pays qui pourront être "considérées comme des crimes de guerre".
And further: Le CNDP avait avancé sur cet axe, à la mi-novembre, avant de s'en retirer début décembre. Des milices pro-gouvernementales ont immédiatement repris position dans la zone où des affrontements sporadiques continuent de se produire.
May I ask, either I am fool or this UN man is one. How if Nkunda retreats can be committed abuses by him. Is he ghoost? It seems not, but belongs to this tactic that all that is done by gangster milicias is automatically done by Nkunda, the well known tactic of Nazi Gleiwitz type of war crime.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese cat distributes bakschesch. Astonishing, Mugabe gets 500 000 million, Taiwan gets, Who is next? Of course Joseph Kabila. So don't wonder if FARDC gets cheek as DON anounced. The Endsieg is near, as he promised.
Fresh weapons, fresh amunition will come and at long last the sold for his chaps on rifle. Money and warships, the Capitalist Party of China now starts Tien An Men world wide. But the heat under their throne rises. 500 000 factories closed. Mind this social tsunami.The agony is evident!

Anonymous said...

Without FDLR and other genocidal forces in Kivu and all over DRC, Kivu and a big part of DRC could live in peace like before.
This is a clear fact.

Now, how FDLR came in DRC is no secret. They were brought by the criminal Turquoise expedition in Rwanda to rescue InteraHamwe and the renegade Hutu Power government. This was one of the most vicious join venture of France and UNO.

It's obvious that destroying those negative forces will be the best solution to the Congolese security issues.
The main problem to that solution is the support from Evil Axis of some EU countries to those negatives forces. They are supplying everything to those rebel groups.

However, it is also obvious that it doesn't treat Kabila's infection. He is another huge problem to DRC involving again the same Evil Axis for its total support.
On one hand, Kabila is sending on purpose his hungry military troops against poor peasants particularly in Kivu to get their food, to rape women and to destroy all what they have.
On the other hand, with that IDPs situation is worsening so that they are pushed to join refugees camps prepared by NGO with plenty food.
Again, this becomes another opportunity for the same troops to loot and to add more to their general assets.

Is it possible to remove Kabila? Probably not unless it is done by the Evil Axis that has not interest to do alike.
The remaining solution is the Congolese people to look for their own solutions ...