Thursday, 4 December 2008


L'infatigable procureur de la CPI, qui n'est pas encore sûr que la cour puisse un jour disposer des preuves contre Thomas Lubanga et Jean Pierre Bemba, se permet d'envoyer un coup de sémonce au Conseil de Sécurité. Il est impatient d'arrêter le soudanais Bachir. Je crois avoir posté récemment la nouvelle rapportant les mandats d'arrêt contre les rebelles du Sud Soudan. Si tout ne dépendait que de l'hyperactif justicier au service d'intérêts politiques qu'il ne peut avouer, toute la Hollande ne suffirait pas au nombre d'arrestations qu'il veut! Et les victimes dans tout cela, en quoi ou quel bénéfice tirent de cet activisme de Mr Moreno Ocampo?


Anonymous said...

ICC and Nuremberg principles cannot be separated. But so far ICC has decayed to tool of big powers. To repeat this again. But it appears that things come into move. At one side personell quits or is dismissed so law suites cannot be fulfilled. But on the other hand in US some prosecuters seem to come under the flag of Obama to more power. And if the demands of veterans against war for applying Nuremberg principles there can be seen perhaps in consequence someone called Mr. George W. Bush at ICC? Profilactic this chap said recently, sorry for my aggression war in Irak. The credibility of US in this matter has suffered a lot in recent time. So many scholars thought genocide is fashion and why should I not join? The ice has become thin for some called Mr. Joseph Kabila. As has been observed in this blog some folk seem to have thought to spread genocide advertising, normally an offence to law. But what says a proverb, if the cat is out of house the mice dance on table.
A lame UN or MONUC let the mice dance in Kavinja and provoke an aggression war on Kivu.
Some other mice pay a lot to get citizienship in some countries in Europe. Those who have not enough money are sent back to torture barracks in Kinshasa and raped to death. Beginning with Baroso and others hosting some elements of the ugliest specimen with blood at their hands, ICC has to force its job and this grey zone of lawlessness. Unless the pressure on this matter does not gain, those NGOs who are flattening attempts, do not disappear, there will be no progress. Since Sebrenica and the failure of ICC to clear this matter, the anger of this has come upon the agenda. So all those wellwishers of genocide must consider the situation. People like Beate Klarsfeld in France chased those Nazi grandes until their mask fell. But some sleep has come to this matter, so the hydra grew again. It is good to remember that this anarchy for some years now has born again this kind of specimen and grew to a plague. Unless there is no response, the plague will become a big fire.

Antoinette said...

During my undergraduate studies I read Karl Klarsfeld's book "Partout où ils seront" and was impressed for the rest of my life: that's was tenacity in seeking justice! Inspiring, very inspiring!

Chris Michael said...

Hi Antoinette,

Thanks for your blog and your recent post on the Lubanga trial at the ICC. I'm writing from WITNESS, an international NGO that trains human rights defenders how to integrate video into their advocacy work, and I wanted to send you some information on how video played a role with the Lubanga charges.

As you noted, Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga Dyilo is due to stand trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) starting Monday 26 January for recruiting child soldiers during the civil war in the DRC. In addition to being the first trial in the ICC's history, it is also the first time that video has played an integral role in the campaign to put the issue of child soldiers onto the ICC's agenda, and in helping to bring charges against an warlords for enlisting and conscripting children under the age of fifteen and using them on the frontlines during the civil war in the DRC.

### Video for Change: Helping Bring a Warlord to Justice ###

Before he joined WITNESS in New York, my colleague Bukeni Waruzi used to run an organization in Eastern DRC called Ajedi-Ka - - basically a child-soldier-demobilization center - and as he and his colleagues carried out this work, they filmed the testimonies of the children they were working with. Ajedi-Ka became a WITNESS partner, and this partnership resulted in the production of two videos looking at issues affecting child soldiers in the DRC, excerpts of which you can watch here: and "On The Frontlines" focuses on the experiences of boy soldiers and Ajedi-Ka screened this video to thousands of villagers throughout the Eastern DRC (I've attached an image showing one of these screenings) - after which they would have community discussions about child soldiering.

The second video, "A Duty To Protect" features testimony from two young women who were recruited for fighting and also as "wives" for their fellow soldiers, highlighting the additional abuses that girls face in conflict. The video advocates for the ICC's involvement in ending the use of child soldiers in the region. This video was incorporated into an international campaign for the ICC to engage with and prioritize this case as the first one it would investigate and prosecute. This campaign resulted in a number of high level screenings of the film at The Hague before the ICC announced its intention to investigate the issue. Now the ICC has even arranged for "A Duty to Protect" to be screened nationally in the DRC during the trial next week.

Over the next week, we're going to be uploading daily updates from Bukeni who is at The Hague as an observer - giving his inside perspective on the trial - and what it means to him, as well as some overview videos and some of the raw footage Bukeni shot in DRC - and we would love to get your thoughts and reactions to that.

You can find daily updates here ->
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Lastly, we've assembled some key resources and background for you below my signature, should you choose to write something about the trial, about Bukeni's work, or about the issue of child soldiers more generally. If you've any questions, please don't hesitate to come back to me!


~Chris Michael | Hub Coordinator | WITNESS

### Additional Resources ###

Daily vlogs and blogs on the trial from Bukeni from The Hague and WITNESS ->

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Overview of the Lubanga trial from the Coalition for the International Criminal Court ->

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