Wednesday, 31 December 2008




Anonymous said...

Happy new year 2009 too of milk and honey with peace coming soon in Kivu.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm a bit surprised by your definition of the "the International community" :"(actually the EU lobby with maybe USA and subsidiary China)".
Most observers pool Mkunda, Kagame, the UK, EU and the US on the one side and Kabila and China on the other side...

Anonymous said...

Poor Dan, why don't you try to learn a bit?

For Wikipedia, that claims to have the most accurate in definitions though it is usually biased as other sick and infected web sites, the I.C. is described as follows:
The international community is a vague term used in international relations to refer to all the countries of the world or to a group of them. The term is used to imply the existence of common duties and obligations between them, frequently in the context of calls for the respect of human rights and for action to be taken against repressive regimes. It is sometimes described as a euphemism used to refer to the West or to the developed world.
Actually IC has no true identity nor any address where to find it!!!
What is your choice: human rights or euphemism?

So, where do you place Nkunda, Kagame and other African leaders?
Sure not as people from the West or from the developed world.

I don't know who exactly are your most observers. Be more accurate, man (unless you are a gay confusing ying and yang & recto verso)!

Kabila was promoted by Europeans sponsors like the Belgian Michel; and this according decisions taken during close EU meetings.
The very last EU meeting on the China "boogie-woogie Big Band" venture stated how to work with China in Black Africa, particularly in Congo and neighbor.

So, your pool claim is not workable, sorry for that. You're out of track.


Anonymous said...

Let us make it a bit more transparent. International community can easier be translated into imperialists. This bunch of rich think to govern the globe with their money. In vain as everybody can see. They use puppets and if they do not obey they sack them. Everybody opposing imperialism is of course a criminal and has to be liquidated like now visible in Gaza. And as their global rule reduces there are attempts to reagain it like Somalia. In general the enemy are the poor und hungry, those opposing this. Their charity goes no furher than some dirty welfare for which the poor have to be thankful. If not, fire and sword cames along.
It is useful to understand.

Big Don said...

Hi there, Ignorant tutsis

Imperialist are not, Nkundabatware is an indited war criminal and will be flash out from DRC soon, just the LRA in Congo.

2009, we remain more focused to achieve our goal, which is the extermination of all tutsis in DR Congo. Starting from Kinshasa.

Tutsis and Nkundabatware will pay very soon for the death of over 8 millions Congolese. We wont forget and we will not forgive tutsis for what they did to our people in the east of DRC.

Blood Call Blood, let do it now!


Anonymous said...

Poor DON, your worms in your head are making you trouble, bloodthirst rises high. So go on. If all Tutsis dead, what comes next?
Suicide like Hitler? I register this Blog turns to bloodthirst, to forum of canibals with you. Freedom of speech? Lack of intelligence? Please remove this disgusting explications of DON with ant brain. By the way it explains very good how this genocide in Congo was and is possible because of uncertain ICC.