Monday, 8 December 2008


Here is another reason why African Governements should stop begging for UN peacekeeping missions, apart from the fact that the latter never kept any peace anywhere in the world. We'll keep a pager on this, I am happy though, this is confirming some thing I have suggested in several postings here: there are no more troupes. But be ware if the "VULTURES" want Russia to step in, God help the world! It's ICG speaking to Reuters!

And here goes the picture of mR Alain Leroy mixed feelings. I'd say deliberate confusionism. At least he agrees that "of course, no peacekeeping mission, however large, can substitute for sustained, high-level political engagement, by all those with influence on the parties, to resolve the underlying causes of the conflict in the eastern DRC, including the CNDP threat and the continued presence of the Rwandan ex-genocidaires and other foreign armed groups on Congolese soil". He also states clearly that "MONUC forces cannot serve as a substitute for the Congolese army to fight a war or impose peace. The U.N. peacekeepers are not an expeditionary or counterinsurgency force." Check out his yesterdays op-ed on the Washington Times:


Anonymous said...

08.12.2008 09:53
Sebrenica and Kivanja, the same currency.
When in Sebrenica the butcher Mladic killed 8000 Bosnians and Serbs(?)the guys of NATO boss Dehoop Scheffer stood aside, these Dutch blue helmets. As later was found out, they were immune, so no one could blame them for their laziness. Well aware of this in Kivanja Mai Mai attempted to provoke another massacre of this style. And what happened? 120 blue helmets stood aside and watched as Nkunda's troop wiped out those Mai Mai gangsters. Who is to blame? The aggressors? Those acting in self defense? Immediately German president cried for more troops, perhaps again Germans to Goma like Kinshasa? Well they are already busy cleaning their rifles in front of Somalia, exercising with their canonboats, building up logistic.
But as earlier in this blog was stated, those adventures in Africa are expensive and the draught in taxes has overcome many of this socalled rich countries. But outmost interesting is, this game and race for raw materials in Africa has long ago been won by China. It began with the construction of railway from Daressalam to Goma. Chinese came on silent shoes, talking about uhuru and many small minded people embraced them, thought this was real proletarian internationalism as they declared their aid.
But already in 1983 in Albania one could witness what this friendship was worth: sabotage and trash flooding the country, so Albanians kicked them out. Mzee Kabila payed this with his death, too late.
But this whole game gains more sophistication. How on earth could German troops haul the Chinese puppet Joseph Kabila on the throne in Kinshasa? We must remember Germans run around in Africa with the reputation of not beeing those aggressive colonialists as Brits and French or Belges. And also the memory of those German blood hounds like Lettow Vorbeck, Carl Peters and Nachtigall have died away.
This illusion some Congolese paid with their death lately, who were expelled from Germany and ended in Joseph Kabila's torture barracks in Kinshasa.
The recent chancellor Schröder is responsibel for this.
But EU and all ahead Germany try to gain lost prebend in Africa. The failure with Bemba still lies in their stomach. The classic colonialism came with glasspearls and rifle. Chinese themselves left the rifle beforehand at home or sent them to their puppets. But now as things get tougher for them and people like Nkunda do not obey to them, watch things to come. Request for Russians to come and make the job has shown, in South America their puppets like Chavez have already provoked heavy losses of their oilwealth and Putin has to tame his own people, because exhaustion in Georgia and lost dreams about Moscow world finance center have resulted in heavy headache in Kremlin. So, who remains?

Antoinette said...

Thanks L.
I am tempted to believe you, but I fear that a connection between Russia and Chine could lead into a Kabila's regime for 30 years, poor DRC!

Anonymous said...

The key is the security council of UN. There are this friends China and Russia playing their game, blocking everything that is equpped with common sense. Same happens to US. So there you cannot await a dime. See failure of negotiations in Nairobi, Obosanjo taking side against CNDP. This was the same reason for Sebrenica, Russia paralizing UN.
What is to do?
Wait for Mr. Europe/Solana?
I hope not. Africa is burning for freedom, this has taken over to Europe in Greece and some more countries there. To rely on this will be far more powerful than on conventional monsters. Think global, act local.