Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Running behind with my blogging lately, just because of bad connections. Since I am blogging from Africa, it's not so surprising! After the end of year feasts, we'll speculate into the doubious strategy of getting the Ugandan army to flush out the LRA and yet never admit that the CNDP with some more logistic could flush out FDLR... Same old double talk from those who pull the strings! Anyway, what's the known result of the operations against Kony in the Garamba? Check it out here:


Anonymous said...

01.01.2009 10:55

Thursday, January 01, 2009
11:50 Mecca time, 08:50 GMT
Deaths in Pakistan drone attack

At least five people have been killed when a suspected US drone fired missiles into a tribal area in northwest Pakistan, local officials said.
A security official told the AFP news agency that an unmanned aircraft fired three missiles in the Karikot area of South Waziristan on Thursday.
It was the same spot where eight suspected fighters were killed in a US drone strike 10 days ago.
According to a local government official, one of the missiles hit a vehicle, killing all five people inside who were believed to be pro-Taliban fighters.
He said two other missiles hit a hilltop house that was a known hideout for fighters in the area but was empty at the time of the strike, the official said.
"We rushed out of our homes," Zar Wali, a local resident, told the AFP news agency, saying the powerful explosions caused panic.
US forces based in Afghanistan have carried out about 30 missile strikes in Pakistan in 2008, according to a Reuters tally, more than half since the beginning of September.
Continued battles
A tally of of reports from Pakistani intelligence agents, district government officials and residents claim the raids have killed more than 220 people, including foreign fighters.
In recent months, Pakistani forces and pro-Taliban fighters have been fighting in the Bajaur region on the Afghan border, northeast of South Waziristan, as well as in the Swat Valley.
The government in Islamabad says the US raids violate its sovereignty and undermine its military efforts by inflaming public anger.

Anonymous said...

That war against LRA is strange for many reasons.
One main reason is the capacity of that organization to navigate so easily in its area and its revival capability.
It's like its leaders were using a special device given by their Lord to detect their enemy movements.
Unless it's a kind of Lord's miracles, he gave LRA a free subscription to access on local satellites.

Likewise, the Lord is giving that organization enough resources to survive since it has no known funds suppliers.

So comes the question of which international organization, which power is/are supporting the LRA?

This, by a simple bet, makes one remembering the way Hissene Habre defeated Gukuni Ouedei and himself was also pushed out by Idris Deby.
All the time they were managing to destroy easily Libyan tanks.

By guessing we should thing about one European power supplier ...


Anonymous said...

Handwriting of LRA can easily be guessed when comparing methods with Khmer Rouge and this butcher Pol Pot. And Beshir is not far away. So is Chinese flu. China is busy exploring oil in Sudan. And if puppet Joseph Kabila does not work any more, there is still Kony. Interesting though that recently Kony and a rival got at their throat because some cash flowed to LRA. As long as these two pliers of LRA and Kabila work against CNDP there is no need to intervene directly. But once the puppets do not get cash any more things could change rapidly.
As we see Gaza slum is burning, the extincion of inhabitants goes on full speed. These attempts have already happpened in Goma concentration camps. The vicious tactic was to blame CNDP for this. But as smoke moved away the dear international community was faced with a stone fallen on it's own feet. It turned to other hot spots like Gaza with the hope to delete trouble there. But area fire is difficult to handle.