Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Yesterday I said that there was something the UN and the EU were not saying: that there were no more troupes. I believe I said that was so because there are no countries ready to organize an operation Turquoise bis. France has been trying to sponsor this move, but other countries know better. Now, it is Mr Karel de Gutcht who is saying it. Watch out for the unfolding of this! The international landscape is changing by the minute. Some tactics are not working at all. The mediatic pressure (from every NGO, the ones I call "vultures") about a European force was meant to demoralize the CNDP. Obviously this particular tactic is lamentably failing. In the end, there will have to be negotiations! And not with Julien Paluku who tried to sneak himself into a hypothetical scenario!! The problem is, as I have predicted some time earlier, the longer it takes for Kinshasa to negotiate, the weaker will be its position at the negotiation table! We are about to see that in a near future!
  • Monuc' spokesman, the famous French colonel, confirms the return of FDLR after yesterday withdrawal on the part of the CNDP. We knew always that Monuc has no problem with FDLR submitting congolese populations and land to its horrible rule!
  • The CNDP is being courteous with Julien Paluku as far as goes his intention to meet the Movement for information purposes. But both Paluku and his bosses in Kinshasa should know that his moves cannot mean trying to push down the Movement's throat the defunct Amani program, because it has become absolutely obsolete. Everyone knows that, except Kabila's extremist clique:

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