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Let's say it loud, the International community (actually the EU lobby with maybe USA and subsidiary China) want to squeeze and lock Nkunda and CNDP in a narrow role of only defending the Tutsi community that is the less concern for those international organizations. They don't really care about Tutsi as they didn't in Rwanda from 1959 up to now.This is probably what Obasanjo received from UNO for instructions and the sole position he was commanded to take during the Nairobi talks. Obasanjo's behavior is normal, he is a (Nigerian) soldier and he will be paid for what he will achieve.The purpose is double: keeping Nkunda in his narrow position and to avoid raising unpleasant questions about Kabila's disastrous results on security and mostly on economic issues.Since CNDP grew in a true and strong national Congolese resistance force, it can now play another kind of struggle. Actually, its true objective should be to put the Kabila's regime on public trial by revealing all its failures.This could be intended to force Kabila to resign (unthinkable of course for Commissioner Michel and his evil axis) or to overhaul everything, which is quite impossible. Some possibility remains to remove this issue by removing Kabila like they did it with his father.The delegations are definitely in a very dangerous process with a dead lock at the end that could result in a heavy war.Kabila is unable to address the FDLR issue though there were talks and agreements between Congo and Rwanda Ministers of Foreign Affairs. He was unable to start any of the five objectives and challenges he fixed with his government to rehabilitate the country. It's a complete failure and disaster.The Congolese people are in a deep disappointment for what they were promised by Michel and the evil axis to promote Kabila. They were hoping for a better live to fill the gap of a long period of despair and complete abandonment.But till now, almost no region in DRC is self sufficient and needs to rely on Kinshasa for all.Surprisingly, some politicians are aware of their failures but are unable to take right decisions.The remaining solution should come from an alliance of all positive forces in Congo to join Nkunda and the CNDP to build a new political force. This is the only and easiest possibility to get rid of the Evil Axis and all negative foreign forces that are destroying Congo.A push from other African countries could make things much more easy and workable. Congolese people deserve it. The nation is entangled in a very strong net of the Belgo-French-EU Evil Axis and is badly suffering.
25 December 2008 01:21


Anonymous said...

Laurent Nkunda gets friends.
One must understand, the Kivu conflict is not a local one, not one between Nkunda and Joseph Kabila but the outburst of an area fire. Astonishing in Guinea the so called international community rises its voice and condemned the "putsch" there and claim democracy. Before this no voice was heard from this community. Corruption was the means of governing the country. The same melody can be heard from Congo and Joseph Kabila and this famous election for democracy there. It was all but legacy to continue war and corruption.
And immediately president Wade of Senegal rises his voice of support for those brave soldiers in Guinea. Remember what was stated to his policy in this blog earlier on. Folks, the flame of Uhuru will burn away all these Kabilas and whatsoever figures in Africa. Mind those signs!

Anonymous said...

Earlier in this blog was said that from Soveto to Gaza the flame of uhuru will burn. Now watch Gaza what happens. The big boss Don Olmert is blasting Gaza inhabitants into the air by his bombs. More than 1000 dead and injured. Just because they do not behave properly and are not suffering enough from hunger and poverty and do not give their land to Don Olmert for free.
And what does international community do? Just the usual crocodile tears like Congo, the same melody. The African region reaches from Lampedusa to Soveto includig Gaza slum. Those sophisticated laser guided bombs by IDF surely solve the problem of hunger. The old story of Hitler getting rid of surplus eaters, either by canon fodder or extinction camps like Gaza ghetto. Our dear blog member DON has shown us how hounding goes on, Tutsis, Hamas, etc.

Anonymous said...

Tien tien, did we not hear this about Congo? How this sounds alike:28.12.2008 16:11
Guinea ruler vows anti-graft drive
Camara said all mining contracts
will be renegotiated [AFP]

Guinea's coup leader has frozen the country's numerous mining contracts and gold extractions as part of what he called an anti-corruption drive.
In a speech on Saturday, Moussa Dadis Camara said he would execute anyone who embezzles state funds.
"We have blocked the mining sector. There will be a renegotiation of contracts," he said.
"In gold mining areas, the decision has already been taken: no more extraction until further notice."
Mineral wealth
In his speech to around 1,000 representatives of political parties, trades unions, and civil and church groups, Camara denounced "ministers who surrounded the head of state who looted the country, who constructed buildings, and had bank accounts everywhere."
"For the person who embezzles money, there won't be a trial. They'll be killed,'' he said.
The West African country sits on one-third of the world's reserves of bauxite reserves, the raw material used to make aluminum, and also has important reserves of gold, diamonds, and other minerals.
But because of corruption and mismanagement, Guinea ranks 160 out of 177 in the United Nation's development scale.
In October, the government said it hoped to raise $27bn in investment in the mining sector between now and 2015, but that forecast has since been rocked by the global economic downturn.
Senegal support
Camara seized power in a bloodless coup on Monday, hours after Lansana Conte, the president, died after 24 years in power.
The coup has been largely condemned abroad, but on Saturday, neighbouring Senegal declared its support.
"I call on all countries, notably France, to not throw stones at them [the coup leaders] and to take them at their word"
Abdoulaye Wade, Senegal's president
Abdoulaye Wade, the Senegalese president, said Camara was an honest young man who had taken power to fill a dangerous vacuum and urged other countries to leave the junta alone.
"The military group currently in power in Guinea knows our support,'' Wade said.
"I call on all countries, notably France, to not throw stones at them and to take them at their word.''
The African Union said on Saturday it would continue to oppose the coup as unconstitutional.
However, an AU official said that though coups were outlawed under the 53-member bloc's rules, the coup leaders' apparent popularity at home could influence the council's decision.
The military council was to meet with foreign envoys on Saturday in an effort to gain international support for his leadership, but the meeting was postponed until Tuesday.
Kgalema Motlanthe, the South African president, condemned the coup as "an affront to peace, stability and democracy,'' and called on the military rulers to hand over power to the speaker of the National Assembly who is to succeed the president according to Guinea's constitution.
Camara has said elections will be held in December 2010.
Powerful unions
Following international criticism that elections are not planned for two more
years, Camara told Guinea's unions on Saturday that he would allow them and others to propose the name of a prime minister.
Rabiatou Serah Diallo, head of one of Guinea's largest unions, welcomed the move.
"If they deviate from the road they promise to take us on, then they'll find us blocking their path,'' she said of the coup leaders.
In 2007, Guinea's unions led weeks of deadly demonstrations calling for Conte to step down. He retained power by naming a prime minister from a list of five potential premiers approved by the unions.
But Conte unexpectedly fired Lansana Kouyate through a presidential decree in May after an uneasy 15-month power-sharing agreement and chose a replacement.

Anonymous said...

By the way, why Ban Ki-Moon don't ask EU to send troops in Gaza to stop violence and war?
Does he mean there are no 250 thousands IDPs?

At least, there are several EU troops near but none can't move over there!!!!

This is, the only Ban's purpose is to give a protection to Kabila and FDLR.


Anonymous said...

En lisant sur le site de Kivupeace l'interview du Chairman Nkunda, on est interpellé par ses déclarations lors de son adresse aux Congolais. Même si son intention était bonne et honnête, il est toutefois fort dommage qu'il ait pu faire valoir son mouvement et sa pensée en les identifiant à la démocratie chrétienne. Ceci pour plusieurs raisons.

D'une part, cette référence à une idéologie européenne, en confusion avec les religions européennes et chrétiennes, est une erreur à ne jamais commettre quand bien même la majorité des Congolais est d'obédience chrétienne. Il existe un abime asymptotique entre les deux pratiques: idéologique et religieuse.

Car, les plus grands conflits qu'a connus l'Europe et le monde découlent précisément de ces idéologies basées sur un prosélytisme à caractère exclusive et très peu tolérant. Leurs antagonismes sont d'une violence inouïe. Tous les Juifs et bien des chrétiens (orthodoxes, catholiques, protestants et les autres) ne le démentiront point.

Derrière cette idéologie de façade, loge, en fait se cache, un totalitarisme sans concession surtout chez les catholiques et les orthodoxes. On peut se tromper mais de très peu!

Historiquement, même en omettant l'inquisition et les conquêtes des "nouveaux mondes" (Amérique, Afrique, Asie et Océanie), les deux communautés ont endeuillé le monde par leur intolérance extrême sinon mortelle jusqu'aux génocides de leurs victimes.

D'ailleurs, le fascisme et le communisme n'en sont que leurs avatars par réaction mais en utilisant sans masque leurs méthodes.

Si cet humanisme était vrai, nous n'aurions pas connu les génocides qui viennent d'endeuiller successivement le Rwanda, le Congo et même le Burundi (sans oublier les autres pays africains et d'ailleurs). Ces trois pays étaient régis sous le label de cet humanisme triomphant.

Tous les InteraHamwe sont de très bons chrétiens sans parler de Mobutu, de Habyarimana ou de Salazar, Franco ou Hitler (qui fut élu et plébiscité par les démocrates chrétiens Allemands) et les autres.

Et alors? Ben, On a jamais entendu aucun clerc des églises chrétiennes les excommunier ou les fustiger, que du contraire.

D'autre part, parler en terme de religion chrétienne ou pas, revient à faire une référence de type ethnique; chose qui devrait rester privée comme l'appartenance à une tribu ou à un lobby. Le Congo comme ses voisins, devraient s'en passer à jamais par respect des autres communautés religieuses et idéologiques y compris les supposés païens dont l'humanisme, sous entendu l'esprit de justice, n'est pas pire.

Enfin, se référer aux concepts chrétiens de Sarkozy n'est pas du tout ni opportun, ni valorisant. Autant invoquer ceux de Georges W. Bush tant qu'on y est. Il est sûr que c'est la France de Sarkozy qui soutient Kabila, un autre "humaniste chrétien".
Le Chairman manque d'une équipe de conseillers à la hauteur et qui l'informent correctement.

Les liens ci-après, à voir, le montre comme un des monstres français du génocide des Tutsi au Rwanda:

Sans commentaire ....

Anonymous said...

29.12.2008 10:28
With religion there are some common problems. Let us take the communist religion, in the name of which have been committed numerous crimes. For example that of the Capitalist Party of China, which is responsible for the recent massacres in Congo.
Their chairman Mao is like Jesus for a mass of fools. The intention is to suffocate the brain. So the wise head speak to the people and deprive them from thinking. The result is, that all these now closed 500 000 factories in China produced only junk which flooded the globe which nobody wants.
The intention was to make robots out of workers but once they start to think and demand wages military boots appear and shoot them dead.
As far as Christians are concerned they should stick to the tradition what Jesus did as he agitated against jewish money lenders and was nailed to the cross because of this instead of breeding coalitions with them. Once this is reckognized, things will go far better.

Anonymous said...

Dear L,

I raised the religion issue for its private features in a democratic society.
Before Blaming Mao read a bit on the forgotten Boxer war with its collateral effects and its origin where Western and Japanese occupations killed millions Chinese and left 100 millions Opium smokers.

I believe Nkunda is a civilized man and wish to mend the Congo disaster to transfort it in a new era of progress and justice. Not because of religion but because of his education he received from his parents, actually his ancestors and because of his own human dimension.


Anonymous said...

Maos intention on national liberation war is not to blame. The methods of which can be discussed. At first he was a member of comintern. But if there had not been far better personalities in CPCH and if comintern had not urged him to change his attitudes this war would have been lost completely. Chinas way to socialism as he called it, was from the beginning until today a desaster whith such outcome as now among other Congolese have to suffer. Maoism remains a religion with Marxist mask. Those maoist illusions which prevail Joseph Kabila can be tracked at every step of him.