Saturday, 31 August 2013


Someone seems to be applying wisdom even if it is in extremis. It looks like what I predicted happened: FARDC-FDLR launched attacks on the rebels. In terms of advantage in the battle, rebels are in a comfortable situation because of the ground where they are. Don't forget that, if a military force withdraws deliberately, it cannot not strategize accordingly knowing the type of adversary they are dealing with. The meanstream media will never tell you the DRC government was defeated in this new phase of a ridiculous escalation by this genocide coalition.

However, someone is using the voice of wisdom: I hear that ICGLR has announced an extraordinary summit on the security in Easter DRC on 5th September in Kampala. I don't remember how many times I have thought that this regional block should be given the chance to broker this difficult peace. 

The peace as such isn't difficult, it's the billion and a half USD that western powers invest in the MONUSCO nuisance that makes every move for peace almost impossible. And this block needs to keep in mind that France is still thirsty for tutsi blood as the excuse to plunder. Belgian, Americans, British and now Tanzanians and South-Africans are only too happy to ride the genocide train driven by France since the 1990s. This terrible agenda is a monumental obstacle for ICGRL. It can be removed only if the block stands its ground and becomes the main player. If we can't stand our ground the UN arrogance, which is cover for all those vultures, will compromise the future of the region very badly. I am then here hoping that with or without Kikwete, ICGRL is going to usher in a totally new approach by exerting the right pressure on Kinshasaand silence the UN weapons shedding our people's blood since the 1950s.

The latest I heard is that the rebels inflicted new losses to the criminal coalition attacks this afternoon in Kibati. And ICGRL has issued another statement calling for DRC and M23 to go back to the negotiations and conclude them, after examining, evaluating and resolving M23 grievances. It is the only way to end hostilities, but ending hostilities will ruin the UN gigantic bureaucracy and warmongers who feed on these conflicts like true parasites. So the wazee at ICGRL should prepare for a UN resistance to a cessation of hostility in the Kivu.

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