Wednesday, 28 August 2013


That horrendous coalition of FIB-MONUSCO-FDLR-FARDC is loosing again, the UN loosing some more of their own ( I wonder for how long will the media take to report on that. But what would be really interesting would be for the rebels to capture some of those victims of pretentious Zuma and Kikwete alive, and have the media see them. The rebels don't blackout the media! And I believe it might happen, may be in a few hours. How do you know the horrendous coalition has failed? You judge by their shameless bombing of Goma: desperate move, because they know the State Department and Martin Kobler as well as the Ken Roth of this world will be quick to accuse the rebels.

People in Goma are telling me at this very moment that bombs have been dropped close to the cemetery, even by the old slaughterhouse. These UN mercenaries with their genocidaires have done more than that. It seems that 15 of their bombs targeted Rwanda. And of course you will hear the US state department confirming to you that it is M23. But we know what they are after: they want, at all cost, to provoke Rwanda into this mess they've created. Which I hope won't happen, but can they abuse of the patience of Rwanda indefinitely? This is an intentional mess meant to achieve many objective including bringing FDLR in a position to caress their ambition of destabilizing Rwanda.

All this fits perfectly in Kabila and the international community's effort to boycott any political and diplomatic solution to Eastern DRC problem. If I were the political team of M23, I'd stop talking about Kampala, it was never meant to get anywhere, otherwise Kobler would never have been speaking of punishment. It is important for that team to understand and speak the language Kinshasa and allies want to use. Today the population in Goma has understood this, they have gone quiet because they understood that anything can happen, any moment. When will the so called international community come to its senses if it ever has any?

Small detail, not from the front, but from the EAC: a high powered summit on Economic Infrastructure is taking place in Mombasa, with good and achievable plans such as Kenya spearheading the oil pipeline and energy component, Uganda spearheading the railways infrastructure and Rwanda spearheading Customs harmonisation, common visa and EAC citizens' ID. Guess who was the East African missing this important rendez-vous? Jakaya Kikwete, ha. No problem, these other guys, if they want they can without him, they did not look bothered by his absence, but then he must be busy with his US and SA connections to think East Africa. Next summit will be in Kigali in October, no time to waste.

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