Monday, 26 August 2013


That is the strategy of the International Community around the conflict in the Kivu. This declaration is a perfect picture of the incoherence deliberately purported by the complexity of Western powers interests in Kabila's war against our people. Judge by yourself all the contradictions in here: Don't miss the contradiction with yesterday's call by American senators to find a political solution, when it is well known that Kabila is not going to Kampala. You will notice that Monusco-Fib-Fardc-Fdlr did no wrong. The press release above is something close to what in French we call "larmes de crocodile". Before a serious situation involving the UN crimes alongside fdlr, the State department has nothing else to say but condemn M23 and call it to desarm. Ha, why are we not surprised?

This afternoon,  with renewed combats, Mr. Kobler who yesterday was talking about punishing M23 fighters (, is saying that it is Kinshasa's government duty to protect the population. Can we get anymore chaotic? Wasn't Monusco and Fib doing just that when they led the carnage they stopped because they could see how futile their display was? One thing is certain, whether the International Community likes it or not, whether the US state department acknowledges it or not, the UN legitimacy has been compromised (, and it is a matter of time: we shall see it covered with the dark volcanic dust of our beloved land. 

We should not complain about the confusion, because the more the enemy lies, practically the better, these lies will backfire at some point. In the mean time, what all Kabila allies are not saying is that some the sons of these continent Zuma and Kikwete have sent to fight have lost their lives. The mainstream media will not allow you to know how south-Africans might be feeling about this whole mess, only a few months after the Seleka debacle in CAR. I hope those who lost their own will be allowed to mourn and that the opposition down there will ask pertinent questions to Zuma's boys.

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