Monday, 2 September 2013


I hear MONUSCO's boss has woken up to some diplomatic semblance, I can't believe the guy went even to Kigali, to do what, I wonder. Mary Robinson in Kinshasa, one can't help but also ask, what for? Surely this lady knows Kabila's belligerent option. If she wanted, and Kobler also, she could acknowledge that the UN loves Kabila's strategy with the Kivu: in French it is called "une strat├ęgie de pourrissement". These two characters should know that the UN has helped Kabila not only to increase the absence of the State in the East, but also has actively given him and the FDLR the capacity to systematically distroy the local population. While Congolese of tutsi descent have suffered the most, no tribe has been spared by the sanguinary FDLR, which are now found fighting alongside FARDC, MONUSCO and FIB. Destroying our people and our eco-system, that's what it takes for these guys Kabila included to pocket, more than 200M USD every year. Hence the accuracy of calling the UN in the Kivu another negative force. 

While Kinshasa becomes hardliner in terms of negotiating the political issues at hand as raised by the rebels, one can feel that the dwindling credibility of the UN is beginning to be felt by those involved. I am actually speculating about Robinson and Kobler awareness at this point in time. I refuse to think that Mary Robinson will be blinded by the millions Kabila can offer to anyone who helps him to transform the Kivu into a "Somalia". These days, you never know since the power of money has become irresistible to so many, in detriment of common sense and moral decency. We shall watch and see what happens next. Whatever it is, it cannot be, as some parrot journalists are saying, in the model of AMISOM. AMISOM cannot work in the Kivu simply because the political problems in place are absolutely different. If the ICGLR is contemplating that model, then they will be just replicating Western handouts again, to no avail. 

In the meantime, the UN could seize the chance given by ICGLR for the upcoming 5th September and, for once, put inequivocally sufficient pressure on Kinshasa, or else leave the rebels in peace to fight it out with FARDC. They are also watching and can retake their  position as soon as that is what is needed. I liked the trio from EAC working at speeding up the infrastructure to allow greater integration. This same trio can broker the peace in Eastern DRC. They can actually contribute to silence the UN weapons shedding our people's blood but fostering true political negotiations. If Tanzania still prefers to look south, meaning SADC, then it has to face to possibility of isolation in the EAC, which will be unfair to the great people of Tanzania.

While editing this I just found out that there is another diplomat who is in the region (or was) over the crisis in the DRC: Why does Western diplomacy go into a frenzy only when the damage has been done? Will they see, this time, that Kinshasa cannot go on with the arrogance of boycotting negotiation when it cannot even win the war front?

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