Wednesday, 28 August 2013


It is clear, they want to appease the population in Goma. They know that as long as they are bombarding, the population won't be burning their vehicles any longer. How were this morning's attacks prepared? First let's specify where: at Mubambiro, those sides of Sake where the Tanzanian contingent of FIB is based. This is what happened there: a meeting between FARDC-FDLR and the Tanzanians was held to discuss how to attack Mutaho, Rusayo and Kanyaruchinya. It is quite interesting to think they have been at it since May and still have not managed to do much. So today they must have come with a more aggressive plan. Hence the bombs. Definitely, the UN is looking for a name change as it sinks further in this criminal business conducted with FDLR. This is not how Goma will be defended, the UN is defending its employees jobs, not the population.

If the UN was defending the population, it would not be indulging in these bombings which have proven to be futile in fighting Makenga's men, but instead have made casualties in the civilian populations, exactly in the same way that FARDC did in Rumagabo last month. And worse, in case these bombs are a threat to the neighbouring country as the Joint Mechanism of Evaluation has shown earlier. In Kinshasa, they are just happy to hear the colaition is bombing their enemy, but they don't care about the real picture of what is happening. Is it today that this criminal coalition is signaling the time for the support stationed in Kanyabayonga to come in? It is too early to tell. We need to wait and see what and when the bombing will be over, because it does stop, but the battle continues and that when we'll see who has the upper hand. 

Do not expect anyone to condemn the UN for starting attacks. If we were told yesterday that the Military branch of Monusco is against its political branch, from the situation on the ground, we can tell who of the two camps won. Is it Martin Kobler "punishment" that won against Robinson "political dialogue"? And to think that Kobler has the support of the new US representative in these parts (Russel D. Feingold), you can draw your conclusion on who does not want to hear about our people's freedom. 

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