Saturday, 10 August 2013


That how I'd think of characterising the UN if you asked me to use one word for it. Mary Robinson said she is all in for the res. 2098. Some people have and will applaud her for saying that. I don't. My point is that supporting that resolution that has been pushed by a lobby working against the people of the Kivu is not the solution to the long standing political mess in the DRC , particularly in the East. I feel sorry for those applauding Robinson, because 2098 resolution means first and foremost the UN war on the region. No one would dare to put it that way though, only a lone blogger can say that openly. Resolution 2098, no matter how many heads of State from the African continent support it and the Addis-Ababa framework, is a declaration of war from the UN to the people of the Kivu I repeat.  But then these same guys of the UN will tell you that this blogger is mistaken since the same resolution involves an attempt at using diplomatic and political venues to solving the long standing political quagmire that the DRC is. It is at this point that I say: the Lukewarm UN language, strategy and agenda. With that resolution, they made sure they did what in French we call "souffler le chaud et le froid" at the same time. And they achieved what the achieve best, meaning the situation we have on the ground today.

The eerie calm and quiet "mood" at the ground means that Ladsous friends in Kinshasa, in New York, Washington, Dar-es-Salam and in Pretoria are given time to prepare for the last assault on rebels. You know that for a fact when you hear what Mwamba has been saying. He is now competing with Lambert Mende in terms of the most ludicrous media interventions. I hope the media guy for the rebels can do better than these, but I am yet to see his media muscle. Ladsous and his tentacular network are finalizing deals on drones, his american counter-parts, we were told no later than yesterday are training Malawians (the reason why these have not shown up in Sake). Kabila and Mamadou have promised the population in Goma a proper battle against the closest adversary encircling Goma. Impatience is catching up with everyone. Now is the time to put greater pressure on Kabila: fight if you may, or make your supporters, from the International Community, understand and respect teh fact that this conflict will never be solved by war. But if that's what you still want, what are you waiting for? You are waiting for the NGOs to go on parading themselves in Goma as the saviours of our people? Yes, indeed. Because the State has deserted the province for close to 20 years now. The province is run by NGOs now. But tell me who is better between rebels and NGOs? I think of the later what old MSevo thinks of MONUSCO: they are also negative forces. They have taught the people of the most productive province to live on handouts, begging for aid food when they have the best land to produce food. If NGOs, Monusco and Kinshasa are negative forces as they have proved to be, then I wish I was a rebel commandant and take the fight to them, so that my people could stop living in IDP camps on Usaid biscuits in the land that could feed the entire sub-saharan Africa. 

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