Sunday, 25 August 2013


So the latest buzz is that 6 American Senators have passed through Goma today and now they could be in Kigali. Of course we have heard the slogan before: a political solution to the Kivu conflict. So why should it be the best when proposed by American senators, but not painstakingly worked out by Makenga's men? Distraction. They are here only to allow Kabila to mock the patience both of the rebels and the people. Why didn't they condemn MONUSCO and FIB association with FDLR-FARDC coalition? We have known for a long time the extent of the hypocritical Western powers whether under the UN colors or their individual country colors. Have you heard the two positions of great contradiction between Mary Robinson and the German guy heading the Monusco? What about the arrogance of the brésilian general? I shudder to think that Monusco is headed by a German. 

Anyway, I am talking about american senators, but I seem to have only questions tonight. Why did they have to go to Kigali after Goma? The UN is at war with M23 on behalf of Kabila, it is not at war with Kigali. After all the vile accusations against Rwanda by these same Western powers why would they combine a trip to Goma and one to Kigali? If they want M23 and Kinshasa to go back to Kampala, the most indicated destination should have been Kampala. Whatever their motives, they should know that enough is enough. Kinshasa has abused M23 good faith for far too long a time. If these guys should be talking to someone, it should be to Joseph Kabila to make him admit he will never win this war. But then, if they go to meet him, they'll probably promise to send him more UN forces to carry out the West's unfinished business in the Great Lakes, the one they started in the 1990s. The resistance on the part of our people looks like it has just started, given the might of our formidable enemies: those supporting Kabila in his belligerent and criminal record against the Kivu.

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