Thursday, 15 August 2013


Today there is so much talking going on around the "consultations" organised by the rais in Kinshasa. Now we know that Sassou Nguesso is the mediator of such consultations. It reminds me of Obasanjo, or Mkapa et al. Where do these guys who have not taken their country to any particularly known levels of development suddenly become wise enough to be mediators in complicated matters like those facing the DRC? The only reason behind that must be found if you try following the money funding this kind of endeavor: follow the money and you will find the real organizers of such consultations and mediation. Once you find the source of the funds, you will also get to know what is the real agenda, the real outcome expected, because it will be proportionate to the levels of interest the source of funds has in the planned outcome. Any Congolese who cares about the fate of this country knows it. 

Taken from the point of view of the sitting incumbent in Kinshasa, it means that he is getting paid to run a futile exercise whose outcome will never benefit the people. And at this precise moment in time, due to Kabila's consistent defeats against the rebels in the Kivu, these so called national consultations  provide him with a golden tool to distract the the Congolese people from those defeats. For the young men who have resisted his attacks so well, the whole buzz about the imminent consultations will be a golden opportunity to check who, among their supporters particularly the new comers, is really interested in their plight. I am also supposing that those young men resisting Kabila so well understand that those consultations are just another smoke-screen, hence not a priority for them. Our usually so-called "per-diemistes" will be ready to leave Bunagana in haste for Kinshasa, as soon as they know how much is the per-diem. Which will be as bad for the cause as the Ntaganda-Runiga affair. Isn't it surprising to see Kabila funded media appointing Ruberwa as the "spokeperson" of M23 before Kengo wa Dondo, in the preliminary phase to these much mediatised consultations? With all due respect, who is Ruberwa politically? I wish he appeared in the news talking about the Gatumba massacre, but he didn't. Always missing opportunities.

I'd like to think that the President of M23 is aware of all potential "per-diemistes" to Kinshasa around him over there. The sooner he figures them out, the better, because those are guys who are going to sabotage all the work achieved by Makenga since he started rebuilding the way to peace in the Kivu. The work to be done in the Kivu cannot be planned by the foreign agenda hidden in Kabila's move today. Rebuilding the foundation of lasting solutions in the Kivu cannot pass by the Bengale lights in Kinshasa.

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