Sunday, 11 August 2013


While the pro-Kabila media are buzzing around repeating Mrs Robinson ambiguous words, they are hoping that the Noko from Belgium, understand the head of diplomacy, will speed up things. They concretely hope he is going to rush everyone into applying the now famous, or should we say "infamous" accord-cadre  from Addis-Ababa. It seems that his team is coming to just do that: reaffirm the urgent need to implement the said agreement concerning the pacification of the Eastern part of the DRC. This means: 

1) The "deployment of the FIB" against rebels, understand here M23, because the others do work for either the DRC government, e.g. FDLR, or the UN, e.g. many small groups that cooperate with Monusco on more than one account.

2) Joseph Kabila's commitment to "consolidate the presence of State Authority in the East" and "reform the sector of security".

3)Joseph Kabila's commitment to "promote national reconciliation, tolerance and democratization".

When you know that, in fact, Didiers Reynders is coming to work for his country on three key issues, you know that only the inept UN would like to use his presence to push for the ambiguous agenda Robinson has been talking about. The Belgian minister is coming to the DRC because of the expansion of his country's embassy, which should have bigger premisses on the Boulevard 30 juin. He is also scheduled to go to Moanda, the ties between Moanda and Anvers are as historical as the Belgian colony of the Congo-Ruanda-Urundi. Moreover he is working to secure his country's share in the future expansion of the Inga Dam, which is likely to escape the DRC European allies, since it's South Africa that got the deal, starting 2015. Belgians are trying to overtake France in the DRC energy sector, at least at the Western front, very much aware that the French fixation against tutsis in the East of the DRC will focus the French thirst for DRC energy in the Eastern provinces.

With all these conflicting interests at work simultaneously, there is no way Joseph Kabila can commit himself to n. 2 and 3 above. He wants only n. 1 so that he can win on all fronts, money-wise. However what he forgets, and everyone else with him, is that this particular point cannot work in the current situation of the Kivu. Not only because the UN has never built peace anywhere, but also because, for the first time, the UN via MONUSCO-FIB are prepared to launch directly a genocide and the destruction of people and resources under the nose of the so-called human rights champions and advocates. Felix Prosper Basse has clearly stated that both MONUSCO and FIB are ready to carry out a clinical military clean-up in the East of the DRC. We have followed the build up to the historical "hecatombe" made by the UN, meaning with the approval of so-called free countries. What Basse is not telling us is whether those soldiers put together by Ladsous activism in New York are really prepared to die at the foot of our beautiful volcanoes for the benefit of a few magnates in Belgium, France, USA or Kinshasa. What Basse is not telling us is that the sons and daughters of this regions might not want to watch a second UN made "hecatombe" merely 20 years after the previous one. Mr. Mwiti working for Joseph Kabila's belligerent agenda is calling for the rais to forget about any negotiations and let FARDC deal with the rebels. After FIB did not obey Kavota's Ultimatum, now he wants the population to put pressure on Kabila so that he can send Mamadou to fight again. Has Mwiti managed to build the FARDC morale to the point of exposing them to another defeat? We shall see.

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