Tuesday, 27 August 2013


The coalition MONUSCO-FDLR-FIB-FARDC has failed in their latest effort to wipe out Makenga's fighters. And the intoxicated population is still happy about them because the fighters are not seizing Goma. They all forget that the target for these fighters, rather than just seize Goma, is to tackle the political problems plaguing the region and in the worst manner since the two Kabilas regimes. But wait until the population discovers how many FIB soldiers have been killed on the Kanyaruchinya front. I hear of 10 South-Africans and 8 Tanzanians. Of course neither the UN nor the DRC government would tell you that. Instead, it seems that they have flown the bodies to Kinshasa. Is it to get better flight connection for repatriating them, or it to avoid the Tanzanian and South-African people wrath at these useless deaths. 

I am sure Monusco's boss or the spokesman will update us  on this with a different version altogether. Anyway, we don't expect anything good from these guys. In the meantime, the support dispatched from Kisangani (20 trucks of soldiers and weapons) who were supposed to synchronize their attacks with those of the coalition MONUSCO-FDLR-FIB-FARDC has been stopped. You will recall that the strategy was this: FARDC-FDLR to throw bombs into Goma to get MONUSCO-FIB engaged in the battle; once this is underway, when Makenga's fighters pull back into the territory they control, the support from Kisangani would enter the fight from Rwindi to get Makenga's men sandwiched and automatically defeated. Now things have turned the other way round despite the US and the UN support for the UN negative forces in the Kivu. Makenga's guys are holding their ground, inflicting losses to the criminal coalition. Those from Kisangani are now afraid and they have been intructed to pull back from Rwindi and are stationed in Kanyabayonga. Obviously they know what's expects them in Mabenga if they try advancing. And definitely no coalition will be helping them from the Kanyaruchinya front. Will catch up later on more details. Let's hold a minute of silence for the Tanzanians and South-Africans who died serving Kabila and the UN macchiavelic plans.

My, my, oh my, here, I just found what Martin Kobler said: http://www.mediacongo.net/show.asp?doc=44751. Does this mean the man has understood the absurdity of the International community in this whole matter? The article is quite hilarious, isn't it? What can be seeing behind all this madness is that no one dares to force Kabila to negotiate when they know that's the only way of getting out of this rut. I have to appreciate the change of tone in Mr Kobler language: from fiercely wanting to punish Makenga's men to: «...C’est exactement ma position ici, et je consulte très étroitement Mme Robinson. Hier, on a téléphoné quatre fois et je suis tout à fait d’accord avec Mary Robinson. Ce conflit peut être résolu seulement par la politique. Pour avoir une solution à long terme, il faut avoir une solution politique. Par exemple, les entretiens de Kampala sont en cours.» Don't be shocked if you hear that Monusco now is divided in two camps, the belligerent camp, that wants war at all cost - no war no jobs; and the ones who might have changed their mind like Kobler himself and want a political solution. My goodness, we need so much patience with these useless games. If they are divided, that can't hurt us, can it?

And did you know Shoke was quizzed over SANDF soldiers preparedness to fight a war instead of keeping peace?: http://www.enca.com/south-africa/shoke-quizzed-soldier-preparedness. Clearly we are not the only ones who think these soldiers are out of place. What did the SA government expect? Send them to war and hope they won't die? Welcome to the club, but our own are dying for a noble cause, what about theirs?

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