Friday, 30 August 2013


In the end it always pays to wait and see. I could not give any update for just bad luck with time and a heated debate with my students on some interesting ideas they come up with. When you are teaching about 200 guys aged between 20 and 22, time for everything becomes quite short. But time to follow up on our vultures moves around the conflicts in Eastern DRC must be found. Here is the picture I can draw from well connected sources. As we left things yesterday, France had called an urgent meeting of the UN security council. French voices at the UN SC were quick to endorse the lies MONUSCO has spread about M23 bombs shelling Rwanda, while FDRC said Rwanda shelled Goma, etc... The total imbroglio meant to confuse the weak people of the poor DRC. It even seems that sanctions against Col. Mboneza and Kazarama were in the offing. All this because France beloved allies in the DRC, i.e. FDLR were not managing to achieve their real aim of being in the coalition FIB-MONUSCO-FDLR-FARDC, quick enough. However two other major reasons for the French haste to pressure the UN SC were: 

1) From the moment the UN forces decided to fight Makenga's fighters directly, so far these mercenaries have lost 9 Tanzanian soldiers, with 12 from the same country quite injured; the pretentious SANDF has lost 11 soldiers and 13 wounded. While in Goma they have tried to conceal the information either to avoid pressure from their respective countries or avoid demoralising the rest, in New York they were quick to focus on the bombings. Obviously with the same aim: they cannot allow this weakness of their FIB show so blatantly. 

2) I am not minimising the bombings: in New York they are know too well that the DRC is run by an absentee president who is only too happy to let the UN run the country for him. Remember the Punishment fiercely asserted by Martin Kobler? I know he has changed his tone since then. Nonetheless, he knows the gravity of bombing Rwanda by FARDC. Because saying FARDC, today, is saying UN and FDLR committed together to the destabilisation of the Great Lakes region. Everybody knows that FLDR col. "Napoleon" and his colleague and friend "Omega" are closely working in Goma under Mamadou. In New York they are aware of the fact that military experts from different military diplomatic missions can establish very well who shelled who and from where. And this will incriminate the UN as well as tie it evidently to the genocide agenda supported by the Western power and their stooge Kikwete in the region.

The above reasons explain why Edmond Mule, sorry Mulet (I could not help but be tickled by such a name) could not get neither a new resolution nor new sanctions. Even if he is a French and probably hates Rwanda and the Tutsis from the DRC, I am sure he understands the gravity of 30 bombs in a week shelled into Rwanda by FARDC. He knows his boss Ladsous fails every time to condemn FARDC and FDLR atrocities, but to let them provoke Rwanda in this arrogant manner is never going to work in favour of the UN. Their Expert' reports cannot hold any credibility here anymore.

On the other hand, the commandant in chief of the rebels is showing better standards in all this. He has shown he is in this not for the sake of war, but for the sake of peace. In order to allow space for investigations into the origin of the bombings and avoid Monusco false accusations that he is advancing beyond the territory his movement controls, he has voluntarily left Kanyaruchinya. Lambert Mende must have been over the moon since he could make his people believe the rebels were retreating defeated. Terrible mistake: Mende, and Kabila for that matter should know that like in November 2012, M23 withdrew from Goma for the sake of peace, not defeated. It has withdrawn from Kanyaruchinya deliberately. Make no mistake Mende, it can come back as soon as your fancy coalition of criminals tries attacking them again. Makenga is consistent in showing his commitment to peace, which does not mean he is not going to reclaim what is due to his cause as soon as that what is needed. Mende you have sung victory before the war too often. And you should know the weakness of both your government and your UN walking stick: working with criminals, no victory can come from there. Remember that soldiers from the 8th military region and the 10th have run away to Bukavu and that what prompted Kabila to bring in guys from KIsangani.

Now that Makenga has vacated Kanyaruchinya, who is taking over? FDLR-FARDC? They shouldn't since that is not their territory. The UN? If it is going there to square off issues with M23, anything can happen. The patience Rwanda has shown is quite remarkable: I am impressed they are not responding to the UN provocation with the bombing. DRC should not expect the same patience from Makenga if Kanyaruchinya is abused by the terrible coalition.
Finally I'll repeat something I already said a couple of days ago? When will the M23 political team stop talking about Kampala? Neither Kabila nor his allies at the UN are interested in talks. 

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