Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Je ne pourrais donc pas blogger d'ici lundi prochain! J'espère pouvoir renouer sans trop de difficulté le suivi des événements en RDC. Si les lecteurs trouvent des choses interessantes, ils pourraient me les envoyer par ma boîte magique yahoo. En voici l'adresse:

La liberté se conquiert avec ténacité et ce que les anglophones appellent fair play. Cheers cheers!

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Anonymous said...

Double standards in ICC
Now it seems that such figures like Al Beshir pull out their neck from the gallow of ICC. They argue if not George W. Bush and Rumsfield are sent to The Hague they will not commit themselves there.
So the FDLR leader Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka - now living in Bonn has a good time there. Same is with Joseph Kabila or Bosco Ntaganda and others. So the scape goat Nkunda can be arrested and detained without allegations, nobody cares. This anarchy permits to capture trade unionists in Kinshasa and torture them. Of course they belong to the silent commissioniers of CNDP and the paranoia and the downfall of autocracy of Joseph Kabila.
So the game with murder in North Kivu continues without delay. The sweet sounds of peace spread by German propaganda in order to get hold of the lost mines in Kivu appears as soap bubble. Now it is clear that Germany has léopoldized both Kagame and Joseph Kabila but also FDLR leader Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka - now living in Bonn.