Thursday, 26 March 2009



Anonymous said...

27.03.2009 06:29
Free elections
It is the oldest trick of the bourgeoisie to let the voter vote freely his unfreedom by denying the knowledge of his situation.
That what someone needs to choose his path is knowledge. What is the result if a man who can neither read notes nor play piano is put in front of a piano to let him freely choose the buttons?
Berthold Brecht, February 22nd, 1954

Anonymous said...

27.03.2009 07:05
What peace treaty?
It is reported that on monday 23rd there has been a peace treaty between CNDP and Kinshasa.
On official CNDP homepage there is no mentioning to this.
So Bosco Ntaganda seems now to be CNDP and acts as CNDP. So as to assure the correctness of this Laurent Nkunda has been shut his mouth and is detained without lawful reason by Mr. Kagame.
Why does Kagame fear the voice of Laurent Nkunda? Why does Joseph Kabila fear the voice of Laurent Nkunda?
Why do they use the renegade Bosco Ntaganda to cheat the world?
Rather a poor show this!

Antoinette said...

Good questions as usual dear L. We keep asking them and by the sheer persistance, we may have the answers one day! Now the foreign affairs ministers are heading to kinshasa, let see what happens next!

Roger said...

Voici ce que dit Rose Museminali sur le général-major Laurent Nkunda:

Accords entre le cndp-R de Kamanzi et Raymond T.:
Attendons voir. Roger

Anonymous said...


Who do you think is more scared of Nkunda`s voice? Kabila or Kagame?