Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Après s'être acharnée férocement sur Kamerhe, la presse kinoise inféodée au pouvoir se met au service des visées dictatoriales en place. Voici une tentative de reprendre la rhétorique autour du cas Nkunda.

Celui-ci est un peu méchant mais la caricature du rais que j'y vois pour la première fois fera histoire!

Un congolais écrit au tout puissant abbé Malu Malu:


Anonymous said...

Arms traficking in Congo.
Be it drugs in Mexico or minerals, gold and diamonds in Congo, the music is the same.
FDLR starts it's business with fresh energy in North Kivu. While Kigale and Kinshasa sit at table to warm up their relations, how to deal with Laurent Nkunda, how to deal with their prey, talk about the amount each expects to get hold in North Kivu, FDLR uses the vacuum to make it's own deal.
There were sugestions to control airspace over Eastern Congo, to stop that arms traficking. Quite a useful method for example for UN and MONUC. But they under cover of imunity spend a lot of time with gold traficking.
The attempt to stop this devil circle by Laurent Nkunda was punished by his arrest.

Antoinette said...

Right dear L. But I have an intuition his freedom is still possible, and thus the possibility to stop the devil cycle...

Anonymous said...

Dear L...

You might have been sleeping for a while... Nkunda still going around almost freely and so for no one has heard about is transfer to Congo...

So... freedoom still, as Antoinette says... quite a huge possibility... let's say that it might as well be the carrot in front of the donkey...

Right now... we don't really know who the donkey really is... :)

Anonymous said...

No my dear, sleeping is not the time. Nkunda dead or alive out of radar, his political execution has long been planned and been done. A person in Congo fighting for justice, so that wealth of the country might reach the poeple whatever his name might be, it does not matter, he is unwanted. His mentors, as Obosanjo said are sitting in safe heaven in Europe and US.
It would be wise to learn from the murder of Patrice Lumumba. After that a period of frost and darkness came over Congo, a very useful time for all those vultures to profit as they thought. But in vain, their pockets are empty, they have no money to feed their Congo Müllers. Their greed has suffocated them. That is the way it goes, that is the logik of history. It should be remembered.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Bakchich has another interesting article on how things are about mining activity in Congo:

I hope some readers do know what BEI is. This is, to maintain their iron fist control, those vultures do not need so much money to give to those poor crooks (Kabila and his fellows).

Besides, as long as FDLR is around, Congolese can't dream living in peace. They have to commit themselves and not to cry around or winning they are victims.

As long as Congolese don't care about themselves on food, administration and health, they can't expect some international community or those rubbish nursing NGO's will came to nurture and heal them.

Now, Kabila and Kamerhe dispute needs more analyze to understand why such misunderstanding happened between the two robbery partners and what are consequences at short and long (if due) terms. Is it because French and Belgian or German aren't willing to stick together or it's a simple remote effect of some financial interests. Sure not.

Obviously, Kabila and Kamerhe are under catholic influence when Nkunda, (actually like Lumumba) seems to lie on protestant side. But, how to avoid direct intervention to kick out Nkunda without EU intervention?

One more question: why Kabila, to solve his immediate problems, was allowed even was urgently requested to resort to Kagame help instead of EU intervention? But who requested it? EU or the International Community if not both or a third party.

Of course, to enable such venture, they needed to give a bait, an obvious motivation and counterpart under (a bit fake) "FDLR destruction" which wasn't possible under such allowed short period.