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From L commenting on "A LINK FROM A FRIEND":

  • Can the Amir of Qatar save Nkunda?Freedom love in Qatar extended to some support of Nkunda. But this seems to have been gone. Since that emergency conference on Gaza some strange faces appeared there on other that figure Al Beshir from Sudan now wanted by ICC.In Darfour we witness another genocide committed by Al Beshir. UN and international community stand there aside unwilling to change matters. So bloodshed and terror goes on. The same story in Congo. But in Sudan there is no scape goat like Nkunda in Congo, no one to be taken out of radar like Nkunda so as to pretend peace has come. Terror business to produce headlines in media so as to confuse freedom fight with sectarian ambitions of self elected groups, is no means to proceed. Nkunda never liked press and media for this reason. And in fact ARD grilled him infamously so as to provoke that nasty outcry from German president for German troops to Goma. But instead that deal with Kagame with Mrs. Merkel was done. The FDLR leader Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka - now living in Bonn/Germany remains safe, Kagame gets money to make invasion in Congo, Kagame in return arrests Nkunda.Is there need to change strategy on this filthy intrigues?The reader may decide for himself, draw his own conclusions. For sure no diplomatic intrigues on Congo are useful. Whatever this or that government says, this or that person says, or rich person might wave with money in his hand, glasspearls for Africa have since 500 years never been useful. The biggest evil are those spiritual glasspearls coming from European colonialist education also sold als civilisation. The emancipation from this is the most important thing to be done. The Belges talked disgusted about Bantu logic, a means to deal with matters in quite a different manner as European colonialist do. Worst of all missionaries teached the Congolese that everything from their culture is evil and do not stop to do so. Laurent DesirĂ© Kabila sent his son to China to learn how to butcher. In fact he is guided by the method LĂ©opold 2 used in Congo to tame slaves in cutting off their hands as he admitted in an interview (couper les mains) Mobutu played the nationalist card by disguising himself as a Zairois but was in fact educated in West Point Academy in the US how to slaughter.Those neo-Hitlers in Africa, like Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka boasting with their abilities to tame freedom loving Africans or those poor minded followers of Castro with their red capitalism, are they useful for Africa?The results of their mess can be admired from Cape Town to Gaza. The failure of their idiocies can be looked at in detail and thoroughly. It is useful to think about that if one wants to proceed.L.
    06 March 2009 05:26
Follow up by Bagambiki on the same:
  • Borrowing the good question (and relevant remarks) of L, can the arrest of Nkunda ends war in DRC? Either, was it necessary to arrest Nkunda and dismantle CNDP system to root up FDLR?On both question, the answer definitely is no!With the first question, it is obvious that till now it's impossible to anticipate the end of that intervention. It may continue 5 months even more.As for the second, between the FDLR with Ignace Murwanashyaka and the CNDP with Laurent Nkunda, there is no relevant relation of dependance but the second being the consequence of the first, unless it's to save Kabila and his tribal group with his mentors' interests.Wasn't better to let the situation going bad till Kabila surrenders with Nairobi II or III and accepts changes in his bad manners of governance? This option could be more successful and economical on lives and time saving.As reported by L, if there is any agreement Germany-Rwanda, about Congo and mostly Kivu, we should think this as highly dangerous.First, France is the worse enemy for ever for Rwanda but also for all African countries.Second, it's impossible to believe Germany without France in Africa according their special agreements like the Franco-German Friendship or military join ventures in the EU frame. Artemis was a good example.Last, the next link is a clear warning from EU to say that Congolese aren't able or allowed to decide of their live and future. This is why Nkunda had to quit and retire. It is really urgent that African countries and inhabitants, by sensitive measures on economy and security, should reach proactive and wise agreements for the next future.The link hereunder is talkative, enough verbose, on possible catastrophic events in the years for Africa and not only for those rich societies: . Bagambiki

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