Wednesday, 1 October 2008


While his commandants speak of defeating the CNDP troupes to force this movement back into the AMANI program, this is what they are actually doing:

Let's see how this unfolds in the coming hours. It all depends on whether Alan Doss gets from the Security Council the backing Monuc needs to fight the CNDP troupes instead of the FARDC, because it is known that the latter, on their own, have failed in their military campain against the movement. If Monuc was not helping them, they'd have lost everything by now! However, Monuc mandate is not to subsitute the Congolese Army, to do so, it does need a different mandate altogether! Those in Brussels who are dreaming of sneaking in their Opération Artemis II can forget it! Anyway all these guys don't really give a d... over the suffering of our people!

And here goes what the Congolese delegation has gone to ask, at the UN General assembly in New York:, why doesn't surprise me?

And which kind of stakes does this miniature principality has in the ICC?, we'll try to trace this.


Anonymous said...

Off topic? All I said before is now mentioned and has happened. But most interesting is the confirmation of Joseph Kabila receiving weapons from Sudan. This are transfer from China. A congolese friend told me, as long as weapons come in exchange for gold by airplane, war will continue.

AK said...

Weapons are from China and Russia. The channels inside the country are easily shapped because of french mercenaries, also present in Monuc, all leftist guys like the media owners etc...

Anonymous said...

Laurent Nkunda got to make sure he has strong muscles to fight a well established government with an elected president otherwise, he gonna desapear in Congolese history. For how long is he gonna keep Rumangabo base?

Wait and see!