Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Mais vers où, on se le demande! Est-ce que le travail de l'ONU est vraiment le même que celui des vautours: se ruer vers une population qu'ils n'ont pas su défendre contre un pouvoir abusif pour en faire des errants éternels??? http://www.lepoint.fr/actualites-monde/l-onu-prepare-des-evacuations-dans-l-est-du-congo-democratique/924/0/286373

Si BA KI MOON pouvait parler de la pression sur Kinshasa pour négocier avec les rebels au lieu de baver sur les déplacés que l'option guerrière de la dictature kabiliste continue à augmenter en nombre!http://www.un.org/News/fr-press/docs/2008/dbf081027.doc.htm

Pendant ce temps, à Kinshasa on pense à la territoriale bidon qui ne fera que remplir les poches des bonzes dans les partis politiques: http://www.lerevelateur.net/suite.php?newsid=2670


Anonymous said...

First UN shoots at hungry people in Haiti. Now this seems to continue in Eastern Congo. Alan Doss excuses himself and says they are forced to take over the battle of Joseph Kabila.
This is the old nightmare well known in Congo since the time of Patrice Lumumba. And when it was due to change with Dag Hammarskjöld he was shot down with his plane.
Instead such figures as Kurt Waldheim a Nazi from Austria took over in the UN. One of the more progressive measures of Kofi were the embargo of Coltan. But Ban Ki Mon has no intention to expand this on gold or tropicalk wood. So forced labour with Kabilas generals in gold mines continue under the eyes of UN.
Not one UN-tank is directed at this ulcer.

Antoinette said...

In agreement with you 100%. They are all crying for the gorilla, yet the CNDP guys have known from their childhood the resoect for mother nature

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is no loneliness in fight for truth und liberty in the world these days. Watch what happens in the slums from Soveto to Gaza. Watch what happens in Iceland. The bankrupt state, what is the difference to that of Joseph Kabila in Kinshasa living on chinese glasspearls, not beeing able of medical care for the people. Watch what happens in Zimbabwe. There are many more countries to come likewise. And so the question arises, what is to come instead? The attempts of CNDP spread light and hope to many minds, not only Africa. Because Johannes Nordmann as reporter spread the truth about Gen. Nkunda he is wanted by German authorities. In the same time the foreign office spreads lies about Nkunda, not mentioning one word about Joseph Kabilas ties to China. Recently Mrs. Chanceller went to China begging for financial aid as well.