Monday, 27 October 2008


So it's true, a reliable source has just confirmed to this blogger that the CNDP is controlling Kibumba, the whole valley and the hills at the foot of the Nyiragongo, that is barely 20 kms from the Goma down town. The FARDC are demoralized, so only FDLR are still fighting and there is no way Nkunda's troupes would let those criminals take the control of Goma!!! What is it that Kabila has been looking for with this war? We will know quite soon when the force of truth triumphs over the force of lies!!!!
Et voilà le wolfpack press avec ses alliés ONGs: Ça m'aurait étonné qu'ils ne pleurent sur les gorilles avant de pleurer sur un peuple persécuté par son propre leadership. Mais ils commencent à sentir que pas mal de données sont sur le point de changer!


Claude said...

More development news.... According to Reuters Africa, the MONUC Commander resigns.

Ce General Espagnol a pu decouvrir que l'agenda initial de la MONUC a ete detourne par JoKa and Babacar Daye, and he couldn't cope with the current mess in North Kivu.
I am wondering who will be next... may be Allan Doss.

Antoinette said...

By now, Alan Doss knows the UN has messed up by teaming up with Joka. Le poisson va se mordre la queue tr`s bientôt!