Friday, 19 July 2013


This morning, trusted sources say that the coalition UN-FDLR-FARDC is launching attacks on M23 positions on three fronts: Ishasha, Tongo-Mabenga. That was expected because the their strategy is predictable. They thought Mamadou would cross through Mutaho very easily assisted by MONUSCO forces from Kanyaruchinya UN base. In which case, his FDLR counter-part crouching around Tongo and Ishasha would close in at the same time. That must have been what Mende was capitalizing upon when he repeated so many times that, mbala oyo, this criminal coalition was going to wipe out M23. I am not worried about the expected FDLR attacks on M23 positions in Rutshuru, the Movement is ready. I am not worried about the Munigi front: it will be dealt with. I am not worried about the FARDC who run into Rwanda, even if Mende is capable of saying thy are M23 soldiers and officers.

I am seriously worried about the United Nations that, as usual, are so bland and watched FARDC commit profanities against whom they presented to be prisoners of war. Which International Law does this UN stand for? None. The only thing they stand for is Kabila's interests. Instead of holding him and his officers accountable for what the whole world saw this week, he is parading in Brazzaville with that other dictator, probably negotiating how much they will both make if Sassou accepts to facilitate the phony national consultations that are already botched before they start. Consultations being sponsored by Ban Ki Moon, Mary Robinson and all vultures. Yeah we how it goes!

The way the UN has worked to undermine the peace process in the Kivu is simply appalling. You might recall how, instead of supporting the CIGLR efforts since December, the UN quickly pushed for moves (Addis-Abeba, remember?) to truncate this regional bloc using Tanzania (and the SADC), and the ensuing of the infamous 2098 resolution of the no less infamous Intervention brigade. The UN actions and omissions around the DRC, and specifically the Kivu, put in full display how they can, with total impunity, violate the same human rights they claim to defend. It is true that the FARDC incident have happened in a small corner of the world, on three presumed prisoners of Kabila's war against his own country. But doesn't this show how much double standards the UN and its amorphous international community can use talking about human rights? Where are the the HRW dogs? However, people at the grass roots, we already know that by siding with FDLR-FARDC, the UN and its MONUSCO are no different from people they condemn everyday, I mean the likes of Bashir or Assad. In DRC, the UN does exactly the same. But only in the DRC do they get away with it, which is the reason why I say they are spitting on our people. In 1994, they said they didn't know, but now in North Kivu, they cannot say that because, not only do they know and see, but most importantly they support these violations. 

FARDC lying with ingenuity?

Foreign military attach├ęs should do more than a nice photo op to denounce the coalition UN-FDLR-FARDC:

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