Thursday, 25 July 2013


On July 18, I predicted more lies were coming out of a probable meeting between FDLR-FARDC and MONUSCO: I knew they'd come from either a UN experts reports or a HRW report. So there we are, it was to be from the watch dog of the American democrats' agenda in the Great Lakes, which is proving to be largely similar to those of France if we judge by the lopsidedness of the picture. I have nothing against Obama's administration if not that they seem to take Ken Roth' word for God's own immutable word: This is alarming because HRW and its boss are great supporters of the genocidaires FDLR and can't stop at anything to find way of helping their sinister agenda. HRW has tried for the last 15 years at least to further FDLR agenda using Kabila's dilapidated army and the amorphous MONUSCO. To further American interests in the Region and exonerate Kabila from his responsibility with the people of Congo and his duty to restore the State presence and the rule of law in the Kivu, they have chosen a tool that work for both HRW (and genocidaires) and the American foreign policy. That tool consists in assimilating the Rwanda regime to the plight of Congolese in Eastern DRC. This is a very big mistake that will end up showing the genocide face of the American foreign policy. Not happy with the mess created in Somalia since 2001, or elsewhere e.g. Afghanistan, Irak, etc..., they are giving credibility to HRW lies to justify an escalation in destabilizing the Great Lakes region. So easy for them to do that, when the majority of Congolese people are happy to be recolonized. Even some Americans have started criticizing the lopsidedness of their governement in other fields: a real  tentacular dictatorship:

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